Monday, February 5, 2018

Pastor Sylvia Prickett. Sylvia Prickitt

Do you Know Pastor Sylvia White? Now calls her self various version of Sylvia Prickett, Pastor Sylvia Prickitt, Sylvia E. Prickett and other spellings? 

She has stolen hundreds of thousands from a church, she has lied about insurance, and committed all manner of ethical and immoral and even illegal actions. Email me for more information about Pastor Sylvia and to tell me your Experience.

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Pastor Sylvia White has Harmed many. What is your Experience with Pastor Sylvia Prickett White?

Formerly Sylvia Prickett White of Marietta Pennsylvania.

Sylvia E. White

Sylvia Prickitt, Sylvia Prickett

Last known to be in Billings, MT, Tree of Hope Ministry.

What is your Experience with Pastor Sylvia Prickett?

Sylvia PrickittSylvia E. PrickittSylvia E. WhiteSylvia Prickett White.

Got a Tip regarding Pastor Sylvia Prickett, also known as Sylvia White, Sylvia Prickett White, Sylvia E. PrickettSylvia PrickittSylvia E WhiteSylvia Prickett White

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Sylvia Prickitt-White

Pastor, Tree of Hope Ministries

Have you had any experiences Good or Bad with Sylvia Prickitt, Sylvia White, Pastor Sylvia Prickitt Billings Montana? email me at

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