Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yes Folks Earth is Moving, Traveling. Our Sky has changed, we are traveling. It is Ok. Learn about all this stuff and don't fear it, it's ok.

This guy is a bit fearful, especially of CERN, however, I know it is suppose to be and meant to be, still I find the Pleaidians stuff and astronomy interesting, what a joke though thinking it is CERN and that somehow Prime Creator was duped by some man made Machine.  And going to Sue concern, come on, we came here for this ASCENSION, it's all LIGHT AND GOOD.

Pleiadians are Closer. Orion Belt changed.

Interesting Video on The Mandela Effect and Such Things, with cussing and of course his take on New Earth and Old Earth, Discern. Lot's of Good information.

Don't be scared of any of this. It is of the Light.

We are ascending, moving to our rightful place in the Galaxy.

We are NOW in the Place in the Galaxy we were meant to be.

This guy is intense, however, I think he lost children in the shift. Like there is no birth or marriage records of them. This Video is mostly about Astrology, and ya the F word he loves.

the Pleiades is closer and that is how is was suppose to be, they are in in our Universe, so is Orion. This is a Good Thing. But YES Earth has Moved.

We are all New Earthers, some have just not woke up

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