Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So why Sandy Hook information? Why Now? Well there is so many hearings, reports and documentation now and it is VERY important that YOU examine the TRUTH. Wake up or Don't, that is your Free Will Choice. However, we are moving into the 5th Dimension. We are no in the 4th, and many changes are noted, the veil is dropping as is CLEARLY seen by the Mandela Effect and other obvious evidence that we are in a different reality.  I have experienced massive reality changes, including yes the KJV Bible, many brands, JFK and so SO much more, but also buildings changed, the sun changed, geography changed, my own anatomy changed. I know I am choosing a higher vibrating ME and I will continue to do so. I want you to KNOW you get to CHOOSE.

What you see in what many call the Mandela Effect, I call parallel realities and timelines merging, well just the beginning. So RIGHT NOW you get to say what you choose in your reality. Do you want to by ruled by the Dark Cabal feeding your fear, pain, murder and flat out lies to keep you under control? Or do you choose to be FREE.  We are at a Choice Point, you get to choose. However, if  you don't believe you are being deceived, enslaved, controlled and manipulated then perhaps you choose to stay that way. We will separate again in our realities and those who wish to believe such and be under the rule of such will. However, I present a bit more evidence and education for those who may wish to KNOW and CHOOSE. For Those WHO Truly Wish to BE FREE ~ Reverend Crystal Cox

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