Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, say that the Seventh Day Adventist Church did not do all they could have done to prevent the children of Douglas Allison class from being Raped. They seem to have a motto of love the SINNER and not the SIN. I wonder if the have POLICY and did actual background checks on him. We know they IGNORED warnings as reports CLEARLY show.

It is my opinion that the Seventh Day Adventist Church is VERY liable to the Victims of Douglas Allison. They were given warning it seems by another congregation member, a parent as the news reports say. So why did they only question Douglas Allison? Did they check with people, churches, police, anyone in the California town he was in before? Was he ever accused of this before?

It is my personally opinion, and in no way meant to be a stated fact. But as someone who has studied alot about child molestation cases, and has this sort of behavior in my own family, and seen many victims, well I say that it is HIGHLY unlikely that a 55 year old man with this kind of access to children, has not ever molested or raped another child. I allege that there is way more victims and that the Seventh Day Adventist Church did not do ENOUGH to protect the children period. 

Ask them who their insurance carrier is. I hope the VICTIMS are suing, as the Seventh Day Adventist Church had prior knowledge and it does not seem they warned the parents and gave them a choice to remove their kids from the over friendliness that had been warned about 7 months prior to this story getting into the news. They could have prevented further harm and did not. It is my opinion and not to be legal advice, but I say the Seventh Day Adventist Church is negligent in the least.

It is important to ask, obtain , in my opinion, all their records on if they actually did a criminal background check on Douglas Allison before they hired him, before he represented their church. If they did ask to see that, in my opinion. If they did not do a background check then they they are even more liable. If the check showed anything at all and they disclosed it then their insurance rates would have went VERY high.

It is time to stand up to Christian Church schools that LOVE the SINNER and hate the SIN and IGNORE the signs of child abuse. Enough is ENOUGH. More has to be done to protect children.

I say SUE the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

For more Information on the Greg Reseck, Douglas Allison story

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