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Jefferson County Public Health of Port Townsend Washington is NOT protecting the Public Health nor the Civil and Human Rights of Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Public Health, Washington State Health Board, and the Port Townsend Police Department seem to have seriously failed the public in NOT disclosing the location or potential toxic hazards and health risks of Port Townsend, Jefferson County Meth Homes that they have been clearly aware of, to potential renters or occupants of a home.

Jefferson County Public Health is said to be one of the LEAST proactive local County Health Boards in the entire nation. Enough is Enough. The laws, ethics, standards, accountability and transparency NEED to Change.

The Port Townsend Police Department FUMBLED a HazMat Investigation.

Port Townsend CPS FAILED to report a Toxic home they knew existed. This endangered future tenants and now is harming children who live in the home.

The Washington State Health Board has FAILED the Public.

This is the story of one Port Townsend tenant that rented a Port Townsend home that was a Meth Lab. This was NOT disclosed to him though the Port Townsend Police and the Port Townsend CPS knew the home was a Meth Lab, as did the landlord Bent Meyer, a Washington Pastor and Counselor ( Bent Meyer, MA, LMHC ) and his son in law Steve Heemstra, I believe a local Pastor of Calvary Hill in Port Townsend.

Bent Meyers, Joanne Meyers, Steve Heemstra may face criminal charges as they will soon be named in a criminal complaint for their actions and lack of actions in public and child endangerment. Also accessory to a crime charges may be made against Jefferson County Public Health, Jill Buhler, John Austin, Phil Johnson, Veronica Shaw, Jared Keefer and Dr. Tom Locke.

Port Townsend Police Department has FAILED at not investigating this issue nor calling for a HazMat Investigation. Sergeant Ed Green now Chief of Police of Oak Harbor violated the civil and human rights of Port Townsend Citizens in this case.

I allege that all named above and more are personally and professional liable to the current and former tenants of this home and with every other home in Jefferson County Washington facing this same Toxic Home and Public Health Emergency Issue.

Many Washington Counties have Meth Labs that were in homes. The Police know where they are, they should NOT be rented without FULL disclosure and notification of RISK, if not a FULL Clean Up of the home and property.

This is a MAJOR Civil and Human Rights Issue 
and a Public Health Emergency in my opinion.

Below is the Story of Barry Ellis of Port Townsend Washington regarding his renting a home in Port Townsend, Jefferson County Washington that local officials and the landlord KNEW had been a Meth Lab, a Toxic Home and a clear and blatant Public Health Risk.

A Best Environmental Lab Test On Home
(you can CLEARLY see the Port Townsend Police had this in Evidence)

Barry Ellis Complaint to theJefferson County Public Health regarding Meth Lab he unknowingly rented as a Residential Home in Port Townsend, Jefferson County Washington.

                         Port Townsend Police Report

Port Townsend Police Report Summary

Washington State Board of Health Briefing

From: Keith Grellner, SBOH Environmental Health Committee Chair

Complainant Materials

RCW 70.05.120 Violations — Remedies — Penalties

Links Below for More Information on this Port Townsend Meth Lab 
rented out knowingly to unsuspecting tenants who got very sick. 

This is a major problem in Jefferson County and 
the Tenants are NOT protected,
 even children. Enough is Enough.

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