Sunday, June 1, 2014

Looks to me like Jackson National is a Little SPOOKED today. Hmmmm internal investion? Naaa just go away ok..

I have to say, as an Investigative Blogger analyzing my web stats for around a decade now, it is odd that on a Sunday Night with no email from me drawing attention to Jackson National, they are on my blogs today. So what are they looking at? Worried about?

See, being a Sunday, and having no direct link emailed to them from me, this means that someone inside of the Bernstein estate scandal contacted someone at Jackson National TODAY on Sunday and told them about my blog posts showing their willy nilly policy actions surrounding fraud and possible murder and them paying off a policy that does not exist, to the tune of nearly 2 million dollars.

Wonder what the ol' board of directors and shareholders will think of all these details?

I would guess, in my opinion that someone at Jackson National ( the elusive mystery INSIDER ) is working with Ted Bernstein and Robert Spallina on a fraudulent death claim and may be liable for something like.. say "wrongful death" or perhaps involved in murder for the policy pay off of a non-policy to a victims son (Ted Bernstein) that claims to have been the trustee who would GET the policy money.... oh that after Robert Spallina first said he was the go to guy .. hmmmm.. well the liability is massive, and ya'll are going to prison as far as I can see all this, but hey that's just my opinion.

But what I do know for sure is that a Sunday, and the way this web stat plays out, someone is worried today about what I posted, and they contacted Jackson National's "bad guy" "insider" and this person checked it all out on company services.... WOW digital footprints, gotta love em..

Note the CNN web stat too, this says to me they were googling something to do with Tescher & Spallina, so my guess is Jackson National and Tescher Law Firm are in cahoots, and magically got both themselves out of the illinois case and they "THINK" out of liability and TRUTH. Thing is murder, fraud on the court, forgery, insurance fraud... well if those are suspected, proven, or put in a police complaint, don't ya think Jackson National should be investigating? NOPE they don't care if ya buy a policy, or just say that you have a policy, then go over dose daddy and claim the MONEY.. oh sorry hope I am not offending anyone's delicate senses.

How about YOU do the Right thing, tell the TRUTH, obey the LAW and stop hurting people.

Also the State Below PROVES again that Jackson National knows all about all this.

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