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Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox SAYS Recall Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho; Seriously Kaua'i, Get Rid of your Spineless Mayor who is clearly in the Pockets of "Evil Doers".

I so wanted to like Mayor Bernard Carvalho of Kaua' i. He seemed like such a nice, down to Earth, honest man upon first look. But It seems to me now that Mayor Bernard Carvalho does not have the backbone to stand up for what is right nor enough interest to even study the FACTS of an issue so important as Kaua'i's Bill 2491.

I have reported on corruption for over 7 years and I know that what has happened here on the island of Kaua'i is very special, and very different. The WHOLE World should take note, every town, every county. As Kauai is the example on how things "should work" when the people are actually standing up, presenting real, documented facts and the council is actually listening, learning, reading, asking good questions and  has some balls and backbone to make a stand.

I have received tips, investigated and reported on corruption all over the United States for over 7 years, and local people do not stand up with this much power, documentation and organization. County Council members do not ask these kinds of questions and this is not the "norm". Kauai is doing something amazing, and I suggest to the world, every town watch all of the testimony on Bill 2491 on the Island of Kauai Hawaii and learn how to do this in your county where the commissioners, local and state government shuts you down when you try and fight corporate greed in favor of a right to be healthy, and breath clean air.

I am honored to witness such an amazing event, and I intend to do what I can to back these folks up, to stand with them, and to expose who needs exposing. And to do what I can to educate those I can on what has happened here, is happening here on the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii.

So, here you see an amazing political process, dare I say, a one of a kind political stand to do the right thing by the people, land, water, and animals of a county. You see a radically gathered, intelligent, bold, courageous, passionate, informed community, and a city council listening and you see real progress in a world where corporate greed reigns king. And then, out of no where, and as if hearing of the "event" for the first time, VERY late in the process, you see Kaua'i's Mayor, Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho come in and put a wrench in the process of clean air, clean water, and the rights of the local citizens and basically shut down the whole flow of democracy because he is spineless, uninformed and bought out by corporate greed. )Well it sure seems that way to me, anyway.)

I watched as many of the council testimonies on bill 2491 as I could, I felt pretty "informed" on the issue. even though I have only been in Hawaii for 2 months. Well, 6 weeks or so into these meetings, that I, new to Kauai, watched, well finally there was Mayor Bernard Carvalho discussing the issue. He sounded he just heard of the issue and had CERTAINLY made up his mind with no information, no watching testimony and seemingly NO Educaton on these Massively important issues what so ever.

Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho him-hawed around, admitted to not reading documents, and seemed to me to be "in bed" with the very companies poisoning the land. Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho sounded "weak", "uniformed", not listening to his people, he had not read documentation nor did he seem "up to speed" on the issues dividing his county, his island. Why?

Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho was pretty much the least informed and least passionate "testimony" or speaker I heard in all of the testimony that I listened to, why? Well it is pretty clear to me that Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho has no intention of running out corporations that POISON his people, or the land of Kaua'i. So it's time to Recall, Remove, NOT vote for Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho.

I saw Mayor Bernard Carvalho at the local Pow Wow, and I have seen him at other functions on Kauai in the two months I have been here. Mayor Bernard Carvalho seems like such a sweet guy, and seems to be well liked by the public. However, when it comes time to stand up against Corporate Greed and make a stand for the health of "his people", those who put him in office, well it seems he may not be such a "good guy" after all. A disappointment to me, as I was hoping to find that he was a Mayor that had brains, backbone and would really make a stand for the health of Kauai's land, people, water, see and animals.

Mayor Carvalho may be a nice guy to some, but he sure seems to me, to be a fence riding coward. From the council meetings I have seen, Mayor Bernard Carvalho sure seems to be missing a back bone. So I guess he is NOT for the people, nor the land, nor for what is best for clean air, clean water and the rights of Kauai people. Why defer? well, I say, so that Mayor Carvalho can get his re-election firmed up before he pisses off the corporate greed poisoning the land. - the meeting I saw, Mayor Carvalho had not even read the reports on what the pesticides and GMO are doing to the land and people of Kauai, so in this, I assume he simply wants to kiss the asses of the Corporations who sure seem to OWN him.

Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho's county is rising, families divided, protests, tons of testimony and  Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho NOW needs more time because he is a complete ignoramus who did not read the BILL, nor the documents of proof that his people, his land, his water is REALLY being poisoned???

What is there to study at this point? Why did  Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho wait so long? Oh, I know, he is up the asses of the GMO companies and GREED over the rights of the children, the people, the water, the animals and the RIGHTS of us all, ya even us tourists.  Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho is NOT for the health of Kauai but, instead, for the Health of GMO companies poisoning the Land and the People, with no accountability.

I watched a video on repealing Act 55, where Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho was speaking to some passionate, smart, informed high school students, and I saw Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho pretty much ignore their issues. Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho acted as if he was proud of them for making a stand for what they believe, but see you have to understand that we can agree to disagree, he clearly was not listening to the issue nor did he seem to really care. It seemed that Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho was about big companies, money and not about the issues of what is important to Hawaiians, to the land, to the people of Kaua'i.

While I was staying at the Kaua'i Sands motel, before the bodies were found, and what looks to be a motel built on burial grounds, I was in the lobby. There were approx. 5 men who sat down with the resident manager, they were discussing ways to increase motel occupancy year round and other motel business. Just before I left the room, I heard one of them say, well if there is an issue, we can "lean" on the mayor. I had only been on Kauai a week or two at that point, and having been an anti-corruption blogger for over 7 years, well I took special note of that remark, and I hoped that I would learn, one day that the Mayor of Kaua'i could NOT be "leaned on". However, now 2 months into my Kauai time, I have certainly made up my mind that Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho can be "leaned on" and is not a man of honor, not a man that wishes to be informed and make educated decisions on behalf of the future of his island and people.

I strongly suggest you check out Babes Against Biotech, a powerfully, smart group of people making a HUGE difference in the world.

Also, I suggest you watch every Kauai Council Video on Bill 2491 that you can get a hold of, and understand what is happening here on this island, make a stand, USE your Voice. You are MEDIA, you are the REAL NEWS, by the People for the People. And you have a First Amendment Right to expose corruption, to speak up, and to be the REAL MEDIA on this incredibly important issue.

Bill 2491 has massive local media on the matter, and I want to make sure that every voice who spoke out in every way on this issue, gets a worldwide platform. So any videos you see on Bill 2491, pass it on, inform the world about the POWER of Kaua'i and Use your VOICE to make a stand for what is right. It is your time, YOU ARE MEDIA. You get to stand up and say NOT ON OUR WATCH.

Start a Blog, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Expose all connections Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho has with Pioneer, Dow, Kauai Coffee and any "Reasons" "Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr. and his staff have for NOT being in support Bill 2491.

It is TIME to  Expose ALL connections that Kaua'i Mayor, Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho really has with EVERY Resort, Every corporation on Kauai', with the Governor of Hawaii, with Dow, Pioneer and with Kauai Coffee. Let's look deep at every dollar, every deal, every word, every secret. Time to expose the Reasons that this mayor is putting Corporations poisoning his native land, over the health of the land, health of the sea, and voice of the people.

I am an anti-corruption blogger, and yes I am MEDIA. And I say what is happening here on the island of Kauai is Unique, is powerful and it SHOULD matter to every person worldwide as this is how ya do it folks, and regardless of what happens next, you can bet this intelligent, passionate, powerful, healthy, strong, sassy, savvy, powerful people of all ages will take a stand and will do the right thing and make the world a better place for us all.

I am honored to witness such an amazing event, and I intend to do what I can to back these folks up, to stand with them, and to expose who needs exposing.

<takes a bow>

Investigative Blogger
Crystal L. Cox

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