Sunday, July 7, 2013

Investigative Blogger Files RICO / Racketeering Claim against Porn Industry Lawyers, Judges protecting Prostitution Rings, the Free Speech Coalition, Synaptics, Randazza Legal Group, New York Times, Forbes, WIPO, Manwin, Jordan Rushie Porn Attorney, Kenneth P. White of the Free Speech Coalition, and More.

Blogger Crystal Cox FIGHTS Back and Sues Porn Industry Attorney Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group and Alleged Co-Conspirators for defaming her, attempting to silence her, violating her free speech rights, threatening her porn industry insider sources, protecting porn prostitution rings, and endangering her life and livlihood. 

 Crystal Cox's  RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit against the Free Speech Coalition, Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, Kenneth P. White, Diana Duke Ari Bass, and other ALLEGED Co-Conspirators.

Crystal L. Cox v. Randazza (Porn Attorney) Docket Nevada RICO / Racketeering Legal Action

RICO / Racketeering Complaint

Crystal L. Cox v. Randazza Legal Group (Porn Law Firm) Florida

Below YOU see Fraud on the CourtsSLAPP Lawsuit, Free Speech Suppression, First Amendment Violations as porn attorney MARC J. RANDAZZA sues Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, his former client, in order to SILENCE her and her sources regarding prostitution rings, human trafficking, gang stalking, video technology theft and more. The Nevada Courts, Judge Gloria Navarro shut down my blogs exposing  prostitution rings, human trafficking, gang stalking and more. Judge Gloria Navarro is protecting Porn prostitution rings and the law firms and their co-conspirators as they threaten sources, suppress free speech, wipe out massive online content exposing corruption in the porn industry, and flat out violated the rights of MEDIA Defendant, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

RANDAZZA v. COX court case, which is a SLAPP suit and is a TOTAL violation of the Civil Rights of Marc Randazza's former client Crystal L. Cox.

Crystal Cox files more Legal Action, in attempt to get help on EXPOSING this massively important Issue, and bringing these porn industry attorneys and the porn industry's dark side that they are protecting.

Crystal L. Cox v. Forbes, Kashmir Hill Journalist ~ Anti-Trust Lawsuit

Forbes and the New York Times DOES NOT have a Right to Defame, Flat Out Lie about who ever they want?   Forbes and the New York Times Painted Crystal Cox out to be a CRIMINAL, while reporting on a Civil Trial for DEFAMATION.  Plaintiff Crystal COX alleges this was and is to suppress the public support for COX and to affect COX's Ninth Circuit appeal in order for BIG Media such as Forbes and the New York Times to KEEP their Monopoly on Free Speech which is a Massive Violation of Anti-Trust Laws.

Crystal L. Cox v. Forbes, Kashmir Hill Docket

Crystal L. Cox v. Forbes, Kashmir Hill Complaint

Crystal L. Cox v. David Carr Journalist and the New York Times

More Legal Action FILED against Co-Conspirators in Districts they are Incorporated.

Crystal L. Cox v Randazza Legal Group Florida Lawsuit

Crystal L. Cox v Jordan Rushie, Porn Attorney New Jersey

Crystal L. Cox v. Fraud Analyzer Tracy Coenen Chicago / Wisconsin

Crystal L. Cox v. WIPO Panelist, New Jersey Attorney Peter Michaelson

Just how many JUDGES are protecting Porn Industry Attorneys, Law Firms, Companies and their way of "doing business" that is ABOVE the Law?

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