Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DirtyBlackRobe.com Regarding New York Corruption and Judge Loretta Preska.

"NYS Senator John L. Sampson and NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo; NYS Lawyer Disciplinary Committees; U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder; U.S. District Court: S.D.N.Y. Chief Judge Loretta A. Preska

        On October 23, 2009, Kevin Dozier filed numerous copies of lawyer-misconduct complaints against defense NYS Senator John L. Sampsonattorneys, Steve G. Williams, Daniel F. Lynch, Daniel M. Perez, Ronald L. Kuby and Assistant District Attorneys: 

Gregory M. SanGermano and Argiroula Krypotos, respectively. (Lawyer Complaints) Copies of the disciplinary complaints were NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomoforwarded to Alan Friedberg/ Roy Reardon (First Department Disciplinary Committee), Diane Maxfield Kearse (Second Department Disciplinary Committee), John E. Grade (NYS Defenders Association) and to NYS Senator John L. Sampson (NYS Senate-Judiciary Committee)these documents were forwarded to those who are responsible for the People of the State of New York's rights to be represented by ethical and upright judges and lawyers. Sadly, the above fiduciaries have ignored Kevin Dozier's plea for an investigation, as they've done countless times, before to the People of the State of New York. In fact, please take a look at the response that Kevin Dozier received from the above: 

Alan Friedberg/ Roy Reardon (First Department Disciplinary Committee), Diane Maxfield Kearse (Second Department Disciplinary Committee). (Responses To Lawyer Disciplinary Complaints) Likewise, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder [Letter to USAG Holder] and NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo received complaints from Kevin Dozier, as well. Sadly, the above "politicians" have ignored JUSTICE by their failure to comply with New York State Law and bar association Code of Conduct adjudication. Each are wrong for the United States and New York government and need to by replaced by any means NECESSARY; they are ALL wrong for YOU!

            On  August 16, 2009, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §2254, Kevin Dozier filed a (Petition for Federal Habeas Corpus) relief U.S. District Court Judge Loretta A. Preskathrough the United States District Court: Southern District of New York, located at 500 Pearl Street, New York, N.Y. 10004. The Petition was never assigned a docket number, courtesy of Clerk Michael McMahon until he received orders from Chief Judge Loretta Preska to give a bogus docket number for December 2009. It is suspected that NYS Judge Jonathan Lippman notified his "bum chum," S.D.N.Y.'s Chief Judge Loretta Preska, upon receiving notification that Kevin Dozier had filed a Federal Habeas Corpus. On December 21, 2009, S.D.N.Y. Chief Judge Loretta Preska dismissed Dozier's Habeas Corpus, although the NYS Courts were responsible for the delay in Dozier's administration exhaustion of remedies. What is so ludicrous about Judge Preska's dismissal of the Habeas Corpus is that she was recorded as having several meetings with top senior NYS Court personnel concerning Dozier's case months, before.(Federal Habeas Corpus Decision) Since then, a motion to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals: Second Circuit [Second Circuit Motion] has been filed; no response has occurred, whatsoever.

Steve G. Williams, Esq; Daniel F. Lynch, Esq; ADA Gregory M. San Germano, Esq; Judges Juan Merchan and Jonathan Lippman (some pictures not shown)
         New York State Criminal Procedure Law § 440.10 enunciates that, upon any post-conviction challenge of a criminal conviction, a well-established mechanism must be adhered to by all parties, including the Court. Specifically, the movant (Kevin Dozier) files the initiating motion followed by a response from all adversarial parties, then if necessary, the movant attempts to controvert the opposing parties’ responses in affirmation. On November 9, 2009; criminal defendant, Kevin Dozier filed a post-conviction motion to vacate the judgment, pursuant to NYS Criminal Procedure Law. 

The NYS Supreme Court: New York County, located at 100 Centre Street, Part #56, New YorkN.Y. set the returnable date for December 23, 2009 for consideration. Since then, Judges Juan Merchan and Jonathan Lippman conspired against criminal defendant, Kevin Dozier, in that these post-conviction procedures were bypassed. Four months later, on April 20, 2010; the Motion To Vacate Judgment of the conviction was decided and ordered against Kevin Dozier, secretly. As records reflect,  Kevin Dozier filed the motion with a request that the Court force defense trial attorneys, Steve G. Williams and Daniel F. Lynch [Letters Forwarded To William's and Lynch] to answer the motion; they were direct parties to the Ineffective Assistance of Counsel challenges. 

Instead,  Judges Juan Merchan and Jonathan Lippman exempted Steve G. Williams and Daniel F. Lynch from answering the motion. Worst, ADA Gregory M. San Germano was exempted from answering the motion, too. Therefore, this motion was decided by Judge Juan Merchan absent the required written affirmations from all adversarial parties. (Motion To Vacate Judgment Decision [No Opinion]) The law does not provide for that mode of adjudication. Hence, the New York County District Attorney’s Office, Trial Bureau #40, in concert with the New York State Supreme Court, continues this charade of alleging that Kevin Dozier is a “terrorist,” with Al’ Queda. 

Surely, documents prove that Judges Jonathan Lippman and Juan Merchan possessed full knowledge of this malicious prosecution and of all post-conviction challenges; his appellate court interferences perpetuated subsequent violations of Kevin Dozier’s First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments’ constitutional rights. What we witnessing, folks, is a repeat of the 20th Century criminal cases of known as The Scottsboro Boys, where the case was bought and sold by the judicial branch, District Attorneys and the Defense lawyers, etc. Unbelievably, the below John Jay College's "terrorist training manual" 2010 magazine was sent to Kevin Dozier's former address, where his family still lives!"

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