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"CNN profiled Jessica Drake of Wicked Pictures but failed to cover her contract sister Samantha Saint"

The timing of CNN running this piece is interesting (and baffling), considering that Jessica Drake’s contract star “sister” Samantha Saint is smack dab in the middle of a sex scandal involving leaked photos of herself with alleged sex addict Richard Nanula (ex Disney CFO). 
Is CNN somehow not aware of the Richard Nanula sex scandal? Why are they not covering the illegal prostitution rings attached to the Los Angeles porn industry? What exactly is going on with CNN’s consistent promotion of the Los Angeles porn industry’s LIES? Is there someone working at CNN who’s in the “little black book” of a Los Angeles porn industry PIMP?
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I was planning on writing a piece about this, but there’s no need for me to considering the article by Gene Ross featuring commentary by Rob Black below (originally posted by Gene Ross of
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Rob Black: Wicked Contract Girl Samantha Saint is Involved in A Dirty Crack Hooker Shakedown Scam
this is something you see on bad crime shows
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Samantha Saint was announced as a Wicked contract girl last September
From there it took her only ten months to land in porn’s garbage heap thanks to revelations in the mainstream news that she was one of the mares in corporate bigwig Richard Nanula’s whore-stable.
No one in porn except Monica Foster, Rob Black and myself talks about the story, but contract girl Samantha Saint has become porn’s dirtiest secret in details which are eking out day by day.
“I can’t believe Wicked contract girl Samantha Saint wants to be known as a hooker playing hooker scam games,” said Black on his Internet show Monday,
“Was this an elaborate work to fuck with this guy? I’m thinking this was a trick gone bad and Trinity St. Clair and Jack Spade are now burying him.
real rob black show
Rob Black of
“This is a guy who’s a hooker-guy. This guy is such a player. Why would they put all that shit up on a website? That is a trick gone bad. That is a hustle gone bad. This is a fucked situation where this rich guy paid a bunch of money to fuck.
“This was not a once in a lifetime thing,” Black pointed out.
“This dude is an active hooker-fucker. But this Wicked girl is supposed to have Wicked juice behind her? But she’s involved in a dirty hooker shakedown scam.
“Black said he can’t imagine a girl involved with a high class company like Wicked stuck in the middle of a huge controversy that is gaining steam.
“The Hollywood Reporter hasn’t let this story die,” said Black. “So maybe there’s other executives out there. There’s so much going on, it’s staggering.
“And I can’t imagine a high class Wicked girl like Jessica Drake who’s profiled on CNN, that her stable mate is caught up in a prostitution shake down with a guy who’s as powerful and up there as they come.
“Anyone can now ask Jessica Drake what her thoughts are about this prostitution shakedown. If so, what would she day? ‘I don’t comment on other employees. Oh, it’s a misunderstanding that she’s a prostitute or a shakedown artist.’?
“If this business is so clean, how can you justify one of your own being a shakedown artist? This is something you see on bad crime shows.
“What Jack Spade and Trinity St. Clair did is something you’d see on CSI Crime Week,” Black continued.
“Where a cracked out, hooker pimp husband beats up a John, takes the guy’s Rolex, and they stab him in the throat and kill him. Then Ice T comes in and solves the crime.
“Trinity St. Clair, Jake Spade and Samantha Saint, a Wicked contract girl, then tried to extort and shakedown and play a dirty crack hooker pimp game, and they got caught.
“Now you got The Hollywood Reporter, all these people who want to know what happened. This guy’s a millionaire and is on record for losing his marriage and going to counseling for sex addiction.
“This is a guy who’s had a history of sex addiction, but this history accompanies him with being the head of multi-billion companies. So he goes away. He rehabilitates himself, then they figure out how to bury Trinity St. Clair, Jack Spade and Samantha Saint. This is a book written right there,” Black figured.
“Instead of working in a legal brothel in Nevada, Samantha Saint has been exposed as a trashy, dirty hooker hustler. This is Samantha Saint, the hooker, dirty prostitute shakedown artist, a reputable contract girl along side Jessica Drake, and I’m an asshole?
Black admitted he never knew Saint was a prostitute until this story came out.
“But you do understand, all of you young girls out there who sit and dream about having that big money contract, that fantasize about being with a huge company, and once that happens your life will be awesome and you will have everything you imagine. But take a look at Samantha Saint.
“She’s out there being a dirty hooker hustler prostitute. She’s involved with Trinity St. Clair and Jack Spade to do a scheme, a hustle on a Miramax executive who’s gotten prostitutes countless times over and over.
“But nobody knew about it or wrote about it until this gentleman decided to do something to piss off Trinity St. Clair and Jack Spade. This guy is now involved in a prostitution shakedown scam because of Trinity St. Clair, Jack Spade and Wicked Pictures contract girl Samantha Saint.
“That is what represents our business; and you people are mad at me for saying this is wrong? You’re mad at me for saying what’s going on is wrong? You’re mad at me for saying this type of shit makes us look bad?
“How do you justify them for doing this? Seriously. We never heard of this guy or Samantha Saint being a prostitute, but you have a millionaire executive who’s had his images plastered all over the web.
“The guy has had a ten year history of banging prostitutes. No one’s ever known about it and now this happens?
“Samantha Saint, Trinity St. Clair, Jack Spade, this guy and the people he knows have a lot more money than you people put together. These three retards in the porn industry will become scapegoats and they do need to be stopped. They’re infiltrating Hollywood and doing this shakedown.
“Do you see where I’m going with this? What do you think a guy with ties in Saudi Arabia and Hollywood, what do you think they’ll do when this guy gets his life back together. He will figure out how do I make life good. You think what happened is good for the business? I don’t get it.
“There’s so many things wrong with our business,” Black concluded.
“We as a business don’t try to fix anything- agents, pimping, testing, violence, corruption, and the Free Speech Coalition holding another event to put money in their pocket with girls who are in the middle of prostitution and scandal.
“They actually have a poster of the Starr sisters appearing at the bowling event. Here, come and meet these hookers. Pay $20 and get blown in the parking lot. Oh my God. Seriously, come on. Nobody sees anything wrong with this?”

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