Saturday, June 22, 2013


NameAgeSinceCurrent Position

Francis Lee

602009Chairman of the Board

Richard Bergman

482011President, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Kathleen Bayless

562009Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary

Kevin Barber

522011Senior Vice President, General Manager - Handheld Division

Mark Vena

502010Senior Vice President, General Manager - PC Products

James Harrington

2012Senior Vice President - Global Human Resources

Bret Sewell

512012Senior Vice President - Corporate Development

Stanley Swearingen

522012Senior Vice President - Strategic Technology

David Wang

2012Senior Vice President - Silicon Engineering

Hing Chung Wong

572010Senior Vice President - World Wide Operations

Jeffrey Buchanan

562012Lead Independent Director

Russell Knittel


Nelson Chan

512007Independent Director

Keith Geeslin

591986Independent Director

Richard Sanquini

771994Independent Director

James Whims

572007Independent Director

Jennifer Jarman

Investor Relations Officer

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