Friday, June 21, 2013

Marc Randazza is ABOVE the LAW. Marc Randazza can Do No WRONG in the Eyes of the Courts. Randazza Legal Group lies, submits false evidence and ignores the law and the constitution and Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen SUPPORTS this Las Vegas Porn attorney who IS connected to Organized Crime and IS above the Law.

If Marc Randazza SUES you, YOU Lose. Right Away. 

No trial, no laws, no jury, no Constitutional rights. 

Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen SIMPLY will give your online property, your intellectual property, your blogs, your domain names to Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group SIMPLY because he wants to remove you from the search engines in exposing him, reviewing him or his law firm  Randazza Legal Group. Marc Randazza has lied repeatedly in Randazza v. Cox, and yet Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen give him whatever he wants and simply discounts the rights, quality of life, lawful rights, and constitutional rights of Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group's former client Crystal Cox.

Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group acts as his own attorney, yet has his law firm represent him. Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group contacts witnesses, harasses them and me, the defendant. Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group flat out lies in court documents and his word, though full of lies easily proven, are taken as fact.

If Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group SUES you, you better cut a deal for you will have a judgement no doubt about it, and you will be forced to pay their legal fees for the time it took them to steal your property, harass you, gang stalk you, berate you and ruin your life.

The Courts and Judges such as Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen FEAR Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group as he has known connections to organized crime, to the Free Speech Coalition who is supporting the attack and harassment of porn industry insiders. Randazza is the Gatekeeper to who gets constitutional rights and who gets to use the SLAPP laws. Meanwhile

Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group picks a target, sues them and judges such as Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen do whatever he wishes. If you are a client of Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group he will use you, lie to you, and then sue you and make you pay his legal fees to his own company to do it. Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group sues who he wants, takes what he wants and yet when he is the attorney for those who have domain names such as well he makes the OPPOSITE argument.

Of course Brian Sandoval LOVES Randazza, if you Cross Marc Randazza you lose the backing of the Free Speech Coalition and the Porn Industry, and you don't want to do that.

Bloggers, insiders whistle blowers they are all collateral damage to the Courts and Judges such as  Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen. As Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group GETS what he wants regardless of what laws it breaks or constitutional rights it violates.

Marc Randazza makes living by manipulating the courts and the outcomes of cases and no matter who believes me, I know it to be so for I have studied case after case, received tips and had an inside track to the lies, and corruption Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group is able to get away with in court documents and with WIPO, and to DEFAME who ever he wants in whatever "medium of communication" he wants.

Marc Randazza,  Randazza Legal Group is above the LAW so If he Sues you BEND Over, the Laughs on you, the LAW is absolutely Irrelevant as is the Constitutional Rights of his VICTIMS.

Constitutional RIGHTS Hating Attorney Marc J. Randazza seen as some sort of Constitutional Right HERO by those who cannot read cases, look into facts and details and understand what and who Marc Randazza really is.

Marc J. Randazza and his gang of attorney bloggers, his thugs, his judges, his courts, well they are too big for me to fight with the truth, the law and the constitution. However, they will know I was here and when Randazza Legal Group does this too many times, the evidence of TRUTH will pile up and one DAY, someone will be powerful enough to STAND UP TO THE Lawless Attorney who Violates the Constitutional Rights of whom he pleases and yet fights for those he deems worthy of Constitutional Rights, Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group.

Corruption is Rampant in Nevada and Well It is Certainly Notable that Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group controls the COURTS in many States and the LAW is absolutely irrelevant to Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group.

So Good Luck to you if you are SUED by the MIGHTY Evil Constitutional Hating Attorney Marc J. Randazza, Randazza Legal Group ~ You LOSE.

You may as well not even fight back, or cite any facts, rights or laws, as Judges such as Judge Gloria Navarro and Judge Peggy Leen will BELIEVE him no matter what you say, as he is "CONNECTED" and you will be lucky to simply LIVE through it.

Randazza Legal Group, Marc J. Randazza FILES a SLAPP Suit to SILENCE Blogs Exposing him, speaking bad of him and steals massive online content with NO First Amendment consideration what so ever. Randazza Legal Group repeatedly lied, threatened, stalked and is above the law no matter what their victim attempts to do to EXPOSE the TRUTH of the Matter.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the LAW or the Constitution is RELEVANT what so ever. The Legal System is simply who you know, who you owe, and how far your willing to go. 

Don't Get me Wrong, Hire Marc Randazza, You won't lose, that's for sure. He is a good bet, that is how organized crime works. And if there is a HELL, you will all be very Happy there together.

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