Monday, June 17, 2013

Elisa D Mayfield, Judge Kim A. Brown ~ Franklin County Children Services

I am writing to share a letter with you that I wrote to the Franklin county Public defenders regarding my 18 year old son who is due to be tried in front of Judge Kim A. Brown on a Felony charge that is a false allegation. I want to share this with you as it, interestingly enough, starts with the across systems care resulting in FCCS corrupt actions making a parent who is seeking psychiatric inpatient service, to voluntarily relinquish custody  for services to straight criminalization of mental illness. I thank you ahead of time for reading my letter and welcome any questions or insight.
Elisa D Mayfield

I wanted to let you know that I have been in touch with Franklin County Children Services and the Franklin County to find out how to get our records as they are related to Devon's most recent comprehensive psychological exams. I will be completing the records request this coming Monday, as instructed by these agencies expeditiously. As soon as I am able to obtain these records, I will get them to you S.T.A.T.

I have also spoken to the Franklin County Probate Court regarding filing a probate for Devon.  Devon and I both agree,  that there are a majority of aspects of daily living skills in which he incapacitated as a result he is competent but not fully function as a adult. Bipolar disorder, is a brain disorder,and is recognized as a disease and not a symptom. My concerns pertaining to his illness have been long standing  and not unique to just our family. Many families with children who suffer with mental illness can not get the appropriate levels of psychiatric treatment as is doesn't exist, in our region,  for people under the age of18. Statistically, Community Based Services are ineffective, particularly when someone has a co-morbid substance abuse problem, according the the mental health/psychiatric. They have found that the psychiatric illness must be treated first before any AOD or behavior problems can be addressed.

Devon's mental illness has always been treated as a "behavior problem", and the bio-physiological aspects of mental illness are not considered nor taken seriously. Devon has a long standing history of cycling into states of agitation, oppositional behavior psychotic episodes, alcohol and substance abuse, and depression. In combination with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, when Devon is forced into a situation in which he feel cornered or trapped, he can be explosive and irritable particularly during a mood episode. I have all of this well documented from clinical, school and therapeutic sources. I have found that in today's society, as it stands there isn't anyone who will advocate a child, more tenaciously than a mother who love her child.  I can bear my personal testimony that in the case of my son I have been tenacious and I have diligently been fighting for him, against a system that is supposed to be supportive. Unfortunately several years of barriers, red tape and an 18th birthday have prevented Devon from finding the path to resiliency and recovery.
As I am unable, due to the confidentiality rules, to actively participate as a cohesive part of Devon's defense. I can only communicate the information I have, I do have faith  it will hold some relevance and help Devon's Defense. As Theodore Roosevelt said, "Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong."  I want to make it known that I do not condone my sons actions, and  I certainly do not excuse or advocate violence. However, I DO  believe Devon is the victim of a frame-up, he is facing charged  to which he had not motive or malicious intent, but, responded poorly too, a situation created to bring about his demise. Devon reacted,  as he is not, in a state of mental health recovery.

I believe that M...... and R......., co- conspired, in a malicious deliberate, an outrageously premeditated plan; the goal, to create and engage in a hostile and combative situation for a young man suffering with severe  emotional dysreglation resulting from his bipolar disorder, with history of  psychotic features; to cause him emotional pain and to get him into trouble.I don't believe that they had a full understanding of the magnitude the consequences. I do believe that their intent was get him to react in a violent manner,  in order to video record him, turn him into the police, then to pass the video along to their friends to defame his character. I beleive that M..... and R...... acted with full knowledge of my son’s mental illness and with full knowledge of how he would react.
Again, I must stress that I do not condone my sons actions, but at the same time, in his defense, I feel his mental illness was exploited  and used as a tool to cause him harm. Physical violence isn't ok... BUT.... It's NOT OK for females to push males around and do what Maddie and Rayven. I find it unforgivably offensive that,ANY female would ride the coat tails of the fight for Equality for Women, Feminist, Anti- Women's suffrage movements, to use their status as a female to victimize a man, because they can.

The media is forever talking about the " War On Women", but they never talk about the secret "War On Men"  Girls used there gender identity as a weapon, I feel this makes them a threat to social order and to the survival of our human male species;  because of their awareness of the imbalance of justice with in the court systems.  I  wish  everyone would take a deeper look, below the surface of our American cultural sociological psychology. There is a fear and hatred of boys and men in our culture and female-on-male, male on male  violence not being taken seriously. The court system’s favoritism of women illustrates this point.
Thank you for working with me, and helping me to understand this process.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. 


Elisa D. Mayfield "

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