Monday, June 10, 2013

Does Roger Hagan know that It is said that the Port Townsend Paper Mill Puts 1000 lbs of Ammonia into the Air every day, is this really acceptable to you, Port Townsend Residents breathing this air? Is this even true, or some TOXIC myth floating around Port Townsend Washington.

Do you really know what this is doing to your body, your lungs, your children's lungs? 

If you don't then maybe you should research the issues yourself and find the FACTS, impartially and truly independent. This is your life, don't simply take the word of county and state officials who may be looking the other way for reasons you can't see.

You don't have to trust me, nor anyone, really. All you have to do, is do the research yourself, find the TRUTH yourself and then decide if it's worth the RISK.

Do your homework, ARE there laws being broken to feed a greedy Illinois Corporation, Amcol International? Who is making money off of you breathing toxic air? Surely it's not all about the family jobs. Come on, I heard that tech jobs, clean jobs want to come in, and other organic employers yet they don't want to be forced into the industrial park where the TOXIC fumes are so bad. So instead they move to neighboring towns, such s Port Orchard. Is this TRUE? or yet another Port Townsend Myth?

Why would anyone choose the mill over employers that don't poison the air and water?

"Even short-term exposure to low levels of pollutants can damage lungs"

"Air pollution effects are many, and they may be truly damaging"


Pollution & Health

Pulp pollution is a serious problem. Pulp and paper mills pollute our water, air, and soil. The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest and most polluting industries in the world; it is the third most polluting industry in North America.
There are about 500 kraft mills (including about 45 in Canada and 100 in the US), and many thousands of other types of pulp and paper mills, in the world. 

"Pulp and paper mills use a variety of chemical substances potentially hazardous to .... and alkaline oxides such as sodium, magnesium, ammonium or calcium."
"Cancer risk associated with pulp and paper mills: a review.."

Children's Health and the Environment

Air Pollution, Sources and Characteristics

List of Regulated Pollutants

Environmental Pollution and its Impact - Paper Mills
Unchecked emissions 1.3 Deaths a year.

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