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"A Richard Nanula sextape starring Samantha Saint – or just an instance of escorting? Emails give clues!" Monica Foster Exclusive from Porn News Today

Richard Nanula

the dirty 0A PornNewsToday exclusive by Monica Foster (please do not reprint without linking back to the source – thank you bloggers and mainstream media :)  )
Earlier this month on June 13, 2013 I figured I was taking a risk by re-posting an article from (which has since been removed from their site) in regards to some leaked photographs featuring pornstar Samantha Saint and a man who is believed to be Richard Nanula (former CFO of Disney who led the acquisition of Miramax) in what appears to be a sexual act.
Considering some communications from one of my sources I’ve received in regards to an issue between Samantha Saint and pornstar Trinity St Clair (who is listed on the escort website The Haetera Agency) beginning mid 2012, there appears to be validity to these photographs, and it seems that someone has been trying to attract attention to Richard Nanula’s activity for quite some time.
richard nanula sextape starring Samantha Saint directed by Trinity St. Claire ?Today I was contacted by two entities in regards to Richard Nanula: A reporter from the LAtimes who is researching this news item, and an attorney from a law firm out of Beverly Hills who I assume to be Richard Nanula’s representation.
The attorney inquired as to what it would take for me to remove my July 13th 2013 post, and I stated that as an investigative blogger I need to do further research into the matter before I update the article or post a retraction. The attorney eluded to the man in the photographs not being Richard Nanula, and my response was that if that is honestly the case, Nanula in my opinion should send out a press release reflecting such and/or post a video on youtube (or something of the like) in which he clears his name.
the dirty 01As of today mainstream entertainment media has picked up this news item. have both linked to my July 13, 2013 posting about Nanula and have reported that Nanula has taken a professional leave of absence due to “personal reasons”.
If it indeed is NOT Richard Nanula in the leaked photos, then who is it and WHY would someone claim that it’s him? Why would Richard Nanula be unjustifiably targeted? Is someone trying to extort him? If so then what is the motive?
If it IS Richard Nanula in the photos, one must wonder why such an esteemed professional would suddenly either: 1) Opt to begin a career as a porn talent or 2) Engage in the risky act of making a personal sextape with a professional pornstar (Farrah Abraham style) which could easily be leaked… It seems that someone with Nanula’s educational background, business sense and professional history would have more sense than to engage in this type of activity – that is unless this sexual encounter was in actuality an instance of illegal prostitution being video and photographically recorded in effort to “legalize” the act by it technically falling under the umbrella of being a “private pornographic shoot” or “amateur sextape”.
variety feature - Richard Nanula sextapeI have stated for over a year now, that the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry is illegal prostitution and escorting rings which are run by organized crime groups – and that the issue needs to be addressed.
Being that pornstar Samantha Saint is a Wicked Pictures contract star (as of September 2012), is Wicked Pictures turning a blind eye to what may be Samantha’s illegal activity?  If these photos are a “private shoot”, then was Samantha authorized by Wicked Pictures to shoot outside of their studio for Trinity St Clair’s website (who one can only gather has opted to go into the business of creating personal sextapes for CEOs and CFOs)? Is Joy King of Wicked Pictures somehow involved in the leaking of these photos of who appears to be Richard Nanula in effort to gain free publicity for Samantha Saint via a media scandal?
Please read the two emails below from my source and then draw your own conclusions as to the truth of this situation. I’m sure further developments will be posted in the near future.

the dirty 03Emails from initial source / tipster (in reverse order):

Email #2 June 13, 2013
This John needs to be called out. the worst scum bag ever..He also sees Male porn guys and female adults stars. He has Herpes and is so rude.
Samantha Saint does not escort. Trinity St Claire was paid 6k to set up a phoney porn set in Richard’s House in Malibu California. He attempt to book Samantha for a Escort meet and she would not, so he paid Trinity to set up a Porn shoot. After the Entire Industry found out about Trinity.. and for many months the content was not up on trinity’s site .. People begant to ask questions, Richard is pissed he scene is up.. It was not to be released. But due to pressure it was.
Email #1 November 7, 2012
the dirty 02Noticed some verbage as it relates to one Trinity St Claire
This Girl has got to be in the top Echelon of  Incredible stupid list I have ever come across.
Her Pimp is JACK SPADE
Jack has possession of her twitter account with pass her word. 100% true
This girl is not just as you are correctly stated it” Incredibly stupid” but its even yet worse than that.
Her Trade Mark is that she can be found  at Porn Star Karaoke Night sporting at least 3 to 5 trips to the parking lot with random male attendees with what she calls specials
In their car or hers before her car was totaled in an accident.
This is Trinity Saint Claire - I've never met her but she doesn't strike me as a pimp/madame type. You never know though...
This is Trinity Saint Claire – I’ve never met her but she doesn’t strike me as a pimp/madame type. You never know though…
Monica She is some what Black listed in the Adult Industry for the following
1.. She lies to Porn stars who DO NOT PROVIDE Escorting Services  and entice them into Shooting a paid content for her site with GGB type shoots
Only there is no film in the camera and its a escort Job without the Female Talent knowing. many Knows this
Currently she is being sued by Shy Love & Samantha Saint for this tactic with Samantha Saint WHO WILL NOT ESCORT AND HER HUSBAND IS AN  ATTORNEY.
Trinity Did this with RILEY REID also…He Client is a real Pile of Waste He goes by the Name Steve In Malibu. Very common knowledge
Trinity Attempted  this with Alexis Texas..ALEXIS TEXAS WILL NEVER ESCORT… For no amounts.
Jack Spades Dated Trinity and Pimps her.. Jack Spades Is on The Erotic Review as “HelpUbookHer”   That is jack at work Trinity and Jack are busy at work.
I will call you in a bit if you are avail,
Nice call on Trinity St Claire… she is a greedy shady and a disgusting person…She was once over 170 lbs .. Look at her Pics on Free ones carefully..Her Insides compliments her outsides
Trinity Saint Clair - pornstar Trinity St Clair is currently featured on The Hetaera agency (an escort agency) - is this agency affiliated with 'HelpUBookHere' - an escorting website and username frequently seen on ?

pornstar Trinity St Clair is currently featured on The Hetaera agency (an escort agency) – is this agency affiliated with ‘HelpUBookHere’ – an escorting website and username frequently seen on ?

Trinity Saint Clair - Trinity St Clair featured on - as of current her most recent review is from January of this year.
Trinity St Clair featured on – as of current her most recent review is from January of this year.

Source of Porn News Today Monica Foster Article

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