Saturday, March 30, 2013

Omri Shabat ~ Omri Shabat says Blogger Crystal Cox, "doesn’t know shit about SEO". So Let's Show Omri Shabat ~ what it looks like to be EXPOSED by the BEST independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World. Omri Shabat has joined SaltyDroid Jason Jones in what sure looks to be "conspiracy" to defame, harass, and threaten Blogger Crystal Cox. Have a Tip regarding Omri Shabat?

Omri Shabat, now in Alleged Conspiracy with Jason Jones, Salty Droid, has a new blog post riddled with lies, stolen photos, private emails, false patent information, and lot's more defamatory BULLSHIT.

Let's Take a Look at Omri Shabat' Dribble

Omri Shabat makes fun of me, Blogger Crystal Cox,  CLAIMING, “the Best Independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World.” ~ the thing is, I am the BEST independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World, this is a fact.

Omri Shabat says this about Crystal Cox Blogger "(and by looking at her website, she also doesn’t know shit about SEO)" ~ so I suppose that is Omri Shabat  challenging the BEST independent Search Engine Reputation Manager in the World, Blogger Crystal Cox, to some sort of SEO Dual. Guess I will play along, to EXPOSE Omri Shabat 

Omri Shabat  calls the TRUTH about SaltyDroid, Jason Jones, posted by Blogger Crystal Cox, "unhinged drivel" Then Omri Shabat links to emails from SaltyDroid, Jason Jones to a blog post by me, "Plaintiff Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox", regarding SaltyDroid, Jason Jones threatening to interfere with my Ninth Circuit appeal of Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox. And SaltyDroid, Jason Jones threatened if I did not negotiate and stop the appeal he would pressure me and he would also exercise other "Options".

Looks like Omri Shabat has joined the conspiracy and with no factual data.

Much more regarding Omri Shabat  Coming Soon.

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Omri Shabat Expose' Coming Soon.

More coming to this Omri Shabat  post ... Stay Tuned for more regarding Omri Shabat , in connection to SaltyDroid, Jason Jones and a Gang of Internet Bloggers defaming, harassing, threatening those who speak out against corruption.

Omri Shabat 

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