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Monica Foster interviewed by Tania Fiolleau about the Porn Industry. Monica Foster Porn Industry Whistleblower interviewed by Former Madam Tania Fiolleau of Save The Women Ministry.

Tania Fiolleau of Save The Women Ministry helping women out of porn, explaining the spiritual aspect of being in the Porn Business.

Part 1 
Tania Fiolleau Interviewing Porn Industry Insider / Porn Industry Whistleblower Monica Foster.

Part 2 
Tania Fiolleau Interviewing Porn Industry Insider / Porn Industry Whistleblower Monica Foster.

The Adult Industry Breaks your Spirit, Holds you in the Industry with Drugs and Violence. Whistle Blowers are gang stalked, internet mobbed, stalked, harassed and under constant threats and retaliation. Exiting Porn is nearly impossible. Speak Up, help those who want to Exit Porn, do so safely.

STOP Human Trafficking. STOP Supporting the Porn Industry.

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Helping Women to Exit the Porn Industry



"Save The Women Ministry International is faith-based and dedicated to reaching out to adult industry victims offering emotional, financial and transitional support. We largely focus on reaching out to the adult film industry & prostituted & human trafficking victims abroad offering education and resources to victims of sex trafficking and violence in the workplace. Save The Women Ministry International also reaches out to those struggling with pornography addiction offering education and large doses of truth to recover.

Men and women addicted to porn need to hear it straight from the women who were there.
Save The Women Ministry also works to combat community deterioration due to pornography and sex trafficking through attempts to educate legislation about the illegally operating porn industry, to educate the general public and to toughen laws to protect women and children from modern-day slavery.

Warning: This web site contains large doses of truth about the sex industry for purposes of education. If you are 17 years of age or under please ask your parents for permission to view this web site, although statistics show the largest group for viewing online pornography is ages 12 – 17.

Because of the huge epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, illegal drug use and violence toward adult industry workers, Tania. Fiolleau Founded Save The Women Ministry International in 2009.

Tania Fiolleau a former human trafficking survivor of major abuse in the sex industry and former madam of four brothels and well over 500 prostitutes was diagnosed with Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through inner healing and redemption she found in Jesus Christ Tania has now become a major voice abroad defending the rights of victims across the globe."

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Souled Out! By Tania Fiolleau

"If I were to ask anyone, which of the known addictions he found most repulsive, his answer would probably be, “drug addiction.”  He would perhaps reflect the opinion of the majority. However, if we look at the afflictions that we can observe every day, many would turn us to revulsion.  Diseases, such as cancer, muscular dystrophy, influenza, and the rest of them, metamorphose the body into something we have a hard time understanding. Most of us are lucky to be on the outside looking in.

Nevertheless, some of us suffer from a much more devastating disease than those I just mentioned. This affliction does not transform your body, but it kills your soul. It is something that we cannot beat with medication, or surgery, or even cure. Only three percent of the “patients” diagnosed will escape the everlasting torment if we don’t do something about it. Ninety-seven percent will die at the hands of evil thoughts torment and despair.  Yet, some have deliberately contracted this disease and many were forced into it. Either way it is not a disease that one would want… a walk down sex lane.

Do you really believe that anyone force all of these woman to take her clothes off and have sex with a man she has never met before and will probably never see again? Yes and no. Some women are forced into prostitution through human trafficking and pimps, others through circumstances, the customs, or the station in life impelling her to take the plunge into the deep, bottomless pit of prostitution.

In most communities of this world, women are not born to be prostituted but for many it is their destiny. Others are qualified as “escorts” or “companions” for the night or even for just an hour.  Whether we call them “whores”, “prostitutes” or “escorts” or “human traffic victims”, they are women, men and children who have less than a 3% chance of ever getting out.

I was one of them. I had to make a choice. It was either that or risk losing my sons to a brute that very easily could have killed my eldest son and myself  in a fit of rage if I weren’t able to stop him by getting custody of both my children.  Believe me; my eyes were wide-open when I stepped in the first brothel I had ever seen in my life. The devil took me by the hand then and showed me the color of money – lots of it. I could earn four-day’s pay in an hour. With that money, I could buy the services of a good lawyer and get custody of my two sons."

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