Friday, March 8, 2013

Marc Randazza's Bio Says that the Larry Flynt Case Inspired Him, Yet in the Randazza V. Cox Case Marc Randazza is attempted to set precedence that certainly does squash Free Speech Rights and for more then Blogger Crystal Cox. As the saying goes "You may not like what he does, but are you prepared to give up his right to do it?" Well Marc Randazza Certainly Is. He let a $10 Domain Name Set a Massive FREE Speech Rights SQUASHING Precedence, just because he was BUTTHURT. Marc Randazza is quoted as saying Butthurt don't pay on his watch, in the Sandra Fluke Case. Yet is sure does PAY when his BUTT is the One Hurting.

I Guess Marc Randazza is Willing to Lose YOUR Rights to Benefit His.
Marc J. Randazza sure is Setting some NASTY Precedence in Unconstitutional Preliminary Injunctions.

.. a First Amendment Hero? Really? 

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox Calls BULLSHIT on that One.

First Amendment Attorney, Porn Industry Attorney Marc J. Randazza is a Hypocrite

I will continue to Stand up to the HYPOCRITE Marc Randazza no matter where it leads me, Death, Jail, the Hospital, the Gutter. At least I am not a COWARD. I stand up to the Evil, Lying, Dirty Dealing, Backstabbing, Lawyer Marc J. Randazza.

I wonder if it is EXTORTION for Marc Randazza to tell someone that he won't sue them, if they will CONSPIRE with him against Crystal Cox? Geez wonder if we will have any witness testify to that one?

.. then there is the eMails to Whistleblower Stephanie DeYoung where Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group tried to get her to conspire against his Former Client Crystal Cox, and there is the Glen Beck Domain Name, the Rant on Preliminary Injunction in the Katz case, the Sandra Fluke Blather and so much more that King of FLIP Flop, Hypocrite Marc Randazza Spouts.

Larry Flynt is Free Speech Hero. Marc Randazza is a BULLY, an Idiot, a Hypocrite, a Coward, a Liar, an Attorney Who Back Stabs his Clients after he gets what he wants from them. 

Watch the Larry Flynt Movie Trailer

"Unpopular Speech is Vital to the Health of Our Nation", YET if that Speech is about the Big Baby, Above the Law, Whiny Butthurt Free Speech Attorney Marc John Randazza. Then it SHALL be SQUASHED, cuz um, he know people and legal stuff and he will make that SHIT happen.

You don't have to Like what I do Marc Randazza, but you SURE LOVE my CONSTITUTIONAL Right to Do It, oh but only when it applies to you. See Judges, Attorneys, David Carr Journalist, Kashmir Hill Journalist, NPR Reporter Bob Garfield, well they seem to THINK that I am ONE person in this WORLD that the First Amendment SHOULD not apply to.

Marc Randazza has STRIPPED me of my Rights and DO I Have a "Strong Civil Liberties" case on my hands? NOPE, Marc Randazza is the Gatekeeper of Constitutional Law, and he will damn well say who the constitution applies to and who it does not.

Larry Flynt, First Amendment Rights

Larry Flynt, Marc Randazza's First Amendment Hero, yet Marc Randazza acts in the OPPOSITE way in the real world, and asks Blogger Crystal Cox to set aside her principles, to shut her mouth and her blogs, and to stop speaking out.... and if Crystal Cox will NOT do this, then Marc Randazza will get an unconstitutional Preliminary Injunction and SHUT her UP.

Hey Marc Randazza, in the Words of Larry Flynt, SHOVE IT

You do not have the right to treat me as you have from the first conversation we had. You do not have the right to conspire with opposing counsel against me. You do not have the right to retaliate against a former client blowing the whistle on you. You do not have the right to bully me, threaten me, harass me, lie about me, defame me. You do not have the right to LIE in court documents about activities I have never done, in order to suit your own EVIL Agenda. SHOVE IT Marc Randazza. 
I suppose, Larry Flynt saying that gives you a BONER But me saying it will have you whining to your JUDGE over it.. wa wa. PULL UP YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES and DEAL with it, ASSHOLE.

FREEDOM of the Press ~ not on Marc Randazza's Watch

Research Links on the Hypocrisy of 
Marc J. Randazza and Randazza Legal Group

For more the Lawsuit filed by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, now Pro Se Plaintiff Crystal Cox AGAINST Marc J. Randazza and ALLEGED Co-Conspirators, you can view the District of Nevada RICO Complaint District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF, at the link below.

Many of these Named Defendants in Pro Se Plaintiff Crystal Cox's RICO Complaint 
District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF  are also named in, Alleged Conspiracy 
in Rakofsky V. the Internet, a New York Legal Proceeding.

Rakofsky V. the Internet, Complaint

Rakofsky V. the Internet Objection to Marc Randazza Motion

AND many of these Defendants are also named in the RICO Complaint of the Biggest Technology THEFT in the World, iViewit Technology Company, founded by Inventor Eliot Bernstein.

iViewit Technology RICO Complaint

iViewit Technology SEC Complaint

iViewit Technology Evidence,

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