Monday, March 18, 2013

Manwin, Blackstone Group, Fortress Investment Group, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI), Playboy Plus Entertainment, Scott Flanders, Playboy TV, Jeff Cohen, Stacy Collins, Paul Kallis iViewit, and Eliot Bernstein.

In May of 2000 Playboy was in the final stages of negotiations with iViewit, Eliot Bernstein. Things fell apart, yet Playboy went ahead and used the iViewit Technology Knowingly.

Did Playboy disclose this massive liability to shareholders, to Manwin? And was this massive liability disclosed to Colbeck Capital and Fortress Investment Group? The iViewit Technology infringement is a big deal. Playboy knows about about.

"Iviewit also is in final negotiations to license its technology to"


" colbeck capital fortress investment group fox business" Searched by Playboy Enterprises Today. Playboy knows full well that they infringe on the iViewit Technology, and so does Manwin by now. Manwin has been named with 90+ others in a 100 Billion Dollar RICO involving a 13 Trillion Dollar Videos Technology (iViewit).

RICO / Racketeering Lawsuit

Does Scott Flanders CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. know about iViewit? How could he not.

Does Jason Colodne, Colbeck Capital and Fortress Investment Group know about iViewit? How could they not?

Jason Colodne, Colbeck Capital and Fortress Investment Group  funding Manwin, King of Porn Piracy, and In November 2011 Manwin became an operating partner of Playboy, and Playboy knows FULL WELL they use the iViewit Technology.

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI), Jeff Cohen, Stacy Collins, and Paul Kallis had negotiations with iViewit, and Eliot Bernstein.

Colbeck Capital and Fortress Investment Group have a huge liability over Funding Manwin, Playboy and not notifying shareholders of the iViewit Video Technology Infringement .

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI), Playboy Plus Entertainment, Playboy TV has a massive liability, as Playboy's Jeff Cohen, Stacy Collins, Paul Kallis KNOW about iViewit, and they know that Playboy is infringing on the iViewit Technology. They were involved in the iViewit Scandal.

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. and Manwin Close Deal
"Finances of Manwin, including the corporations bank accounts, computers are controlled by a subsidiary company in Cyprus"

"The company is also one of the two leaders in mobile-phone porn in North America, handling millions of visits each day"

 CB Agency Services LLC in the State of Delaware, and Cortland Capital Markets Services LLC, a financial services company in Chicago

"Playboy Enterprises Now Officially Sleeping with the Enemy"

"The Palms Casino's Playboy Club in Las Vegas'
"Before joining Playboy, Mr. Flanders served as CEO of Freedom Communications, a newspaper chain partly owned by private equity that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few months after he left in 2009. Before that, he served as CEO of Columbia House, where he also led a leveraged buyout of the company by the private-equity firm the Blackstone Group"

Another Web Stat, Playboy Enterprises is worried and they SHOULD be.

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