Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Judicial Impeachment Proceedings of Judge Nicholai and Judge Scarpino "

"Additionally, I can testify as to the widespread practice of ex parte communication, court "findings" without jurisdiction, and the illegal destruction of court case documents. The damage by these named officers of the court, Nicholai and Scarpino continues to this day- as I’m a loving mother whose 3 beautiful children were abruptly and unlawfully stolen.

Everyone involved in my case was effectively chilled and forced to turn on me as directed by Scarpino and Nicholai. In fact, Judge Nicholai not only told all participants in my case how to specifically proceed (including judges), Nicholai appointed himself to preside over many of my case hearings- concerning money. Clearly, Judge Scarpino and Nicolai show disregard about children and families. Nicolai and Scarpino’s record show a sad priority: legal billing, non-profit organizations, banks and more- the collective control of big money.

In fact, during public hearings before the New York State Senate on June 8, 2009, a court attorney testified that Judge Nicholai had intentionally ordered matrimonial records of certain attorneys and parties to be discarded into dumpsters, and Scarpino improperly looked the other way.

Outrageously, and under Judge Nicholai's administrative leadership, ALL investigative reports and documents disappeared concerning the actual arrest of my children's father, John Walter, for child molestation of a young girl. The monied spouse, John Walter, is President & CEO of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and is, obviously, highly connected in Westchester County.

The widespread crimes against families by Judge Nicholai and Judge Scarpino demand justice, correction and immediate action so that the illegal ways of these judges never hurt another child or family. You MUST take action! You MUST hold public hearings!"

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