Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Marc Toberoff, Contact Eliot Bernstein and SUE Time Warner Inc. Time Warner Inc. Owns RIGHTS to Superman, Liberty Media Holdings Owns Stake in Time Warner Inc., Superman is also in PORN Parody on and Liberty Media Makes ALL kinds of Money Off That as Well. Porn RULES the Economy and Superhero's Licensing Fees are just part of doing business.

"DC Comics and Time Warner’s Warner Bros. Entertainment unit contend the Siegel family wanted to escape the 2001 agreement because they were approached by a different lawyer, Marc Toberoff, who proposed a plan to get them more money."

"Toberoff contended there was never an agreement because Warner Bros. lawyers changed the terms of what was then only a deal in principle."

Marc Toberoff Should contact Eliot Bernstein, looks like Warner Bros. has a pattern and history on tricking people with their contracts.

Open Letter to Time Warner, Warner Bros., AOL Board of Directors and Time Warner Shareholders

More about Who Marc Toberoff Is

Don't Forget Liberty Media Holdings, John C. Malone has stake in Time Warner and PROFITS on SUPERMAN, even in PORN PARODY.  Oh and Liberty Media Holdings lawyers of Randazza Legal Group and Mulvihill & Rushie LLC are part of an Internet Mobbing Gang Stalking group of attorneys, ALLEGES Crystal Cox, whom use the power of the internet, and their abuse of power over the courts to WIN cases, pressure clients, defame, threaten and harass and sure seem to be above the Law.

Check Out the RICO Complaint Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox Filed, naming Randazza Legal Group and Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, the New York Times and Forbes, AND Liberty Media Holdings, John C. Malone, oh and many more.. 

Here is District of Nevada 2:13-cv-00297-JCM-VCF Defamation, Harassment, RICO, Racketeering, Anti-Trust and more.. Lawsuit filed by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

Also Check Out - the Superman PORN Parody, of course it says it is not endorsed by, sponsored by Time Warner, however, Rabid Attorneys like Marc Randazza and Jordan Rushie, and others out there would surely SUE, Jovita Corporation Limited, 
Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment LLC, if they did not have an agreement to be PAID by those who hold the licensing fee. So more PORN that Time Warner Inc. and Liberty Media Holdings Profit From.

Does the Siegel family GET Royalties from SUPERMAN PORN? Cuz you know that Time Warner and Liberty Media Sure Get money, licensing fees and much more.

Does the Superman vs Spiderman PORN Movie / Video use the iViewit Video Technology? Is VIVID infringing on the iViewit Technology, I Bet they are, IN MY OPINION.

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