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Second Open Letter from Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox to Joseph Rakofsky and ALL the Victims of these same Alleged Co-Conspirators. Rakofsky v. The Internet, Supreme Court of the State of New York; County of New York, Case Number 105573-2011 AND Nevada SLAPP Retaliation Lawsuit District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL

The Alleged Co-Conspirators of District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, continue  conspiring to remove my Investigative Blogs, Harassing Me Crystal Cox, Silence Me, Suppress me, Deny my First Amendment Rights, Defaming Me, and Trying to Intimidate me, I am trying to let as many people know about their tactics BEFORE they shut down ALL my Blogs, as they are Trying to Do.

The important Pattern and History / Common Elements Between Rakofsky v. The Internet, Supreme Court of the State of New York; County of New York, Case Number 105573-2011 AND District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL need to be EXPOSED, in hopes that the Alleged Co-Conspirators be investigated for RICO Crimes.

the Legal Issues and Allegation of Joseph Rakofsky in Rakofsky V. the Internet are the Same as Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox Raises in District of Nevada Case Number 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL. Many of the Same Newspapers, Journalists, Bloggers, Attorneys, and Law Firms did this same thing to Crystal Cox and her SOURCES. Joseph Rakofsky is TELLING the TRUTH and has a Legitimate Claim against Defendants of Rakofsky V. the Internet.

Party Issuing Legal Threat:Party Receiving Legal Threat:
Joseph RakofskyOver 70 Named Parties; Newspapers, Journalists, Bloggers, and other Individuals
Type of Party:Type of Party:
IndividualIndividual; Organization; Large Organization; Media Company
Location of Party:Location of Party:
New JerseyUnited States; Canada
Legal Counsel:Legal Counsel:
Richard Borzouye (withdrawn); Matthew H. GoldsmithEric Turkewitz of the Turkewitz Law Firm, also a defendant, and Marc J. Randazza of the Randazza Legal Group (for at least 16 individuals comprising 35 named defendants); Chetan A. Patil and Kevin T. Baine of Williams & Connolly, L.L.P. (for the Washington Post, Keith Alexander and Jennifer Jenkins); Jonathan D. Lupkin of Flemming Zulack Williamson Zauderer, LLP (for the Washington Post); David Brickman (for Maxwell S. Kennerly, The Beasley Firm, LLC, Jameson Koehler, Koehler Law, Mirriam Seddiq, and Seddiq Law); John H. Teschner (for Mace Yampolsky, Mace J. Yampolsky & Associates, and Reiter & Schiller, P.A.); Mark A. Weissman of Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C. (for Reuters America, Thomson Reuters and Dan Slater); Thomas A. Catalano of Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer, LLP (for Michael Doudna and the Law Offices of Michael Doudna); Mark D. Harris of Proskauer Rose LLP (for the American Bar Association,, Debra Weiss and Sarah Randag); Robert D. Balin of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and David M. Snyder (for Creative Loafing Media, CL Washington, Inc., Washington City Paper and Rend Smith); James Rosenfeld of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (for Jeanne O’Halleran and the Law Office of Jeanne O’Halleran, LLC); Jacob P. Goldstein of Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, LLP (for Allbritton Communications Company and; Edward F. Westfield of Edward F. Westfield, P.C. (for Gamso, Helmick & Hoolahan)"

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox Alleges that The following are the Same Lawyers, Reporters, Law Firms involved in Attacking / Internet Mobbing Blogger Crystal Cox in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL. 

They really are Ganging up, in Internet Mobbing to Defame, Harass, Paint in False Light, and DESTROY the Lives, Career and Business of their Targets. ALLEGES Victim / Defendant / Counter Plaintiff Crystal L. Cox.

"Respectfully submitted by counsel for Defendants

(1) Eric Turkewitz, (2) The Turkewitz Law Firm,
(3) Scott Greenfield, (4) Simple Justice NY, LLC, (5),

(6) Kravet & Vogel, LLP, (7) Carolyn Elefant,

(9) Mark Bennett, (10) Bennett And Bennett,
(11) Eric L. Mayer, (12) Eric L. Mayer, Attorney-at-Law,
(13) Nathaniel Burney, (14) The Burney Law Firm, LLC,
(15) Josh King, (16) Avvo, Inc., (17) Jeff Gamso,
(18) George M. Wallace, (19) Wallace, Brown & Schwartz,

(20) “Tarrant84”, (21) Banned Ventures LLC,
(22) BanniNation,
(23) Brian L. Tannebaum, (24) Tannebaum Weiss,
(25) Colin Samuels, (26) Accela, Inc.,

(27) Crime and Federalism, (28) John Doe # 1,
(29) Antonin I. Pribetic, (30) Steinberg Morton,
(31) David C. Wells, (32) David C. Wells P.C.,
(33) Elie Mystal, (34), and (35) Breaking Media, LLC."

Source of Post'%20motion%20for%20sanctions.pdf

Open Letter to Joseph Rakofsky from Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Regarding Rakofsky v. The Internet, Racketeering Claims, RICO, Pattern and History and Gangstalking Attorneys Ruining Lives of their "Prey".

To:       Joseph Rakofsky
             Joseph Rakofsky, Rakofsky Law Firm P.C.

From:   Pro Se Defendant, Pro Se Counter Plaintiff
             Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Regarding:  Information of Pattern and History among, what Looks to be Common Co-Conspirators, Bloggers, Attorneys, Media Outlets in the Case, Rakofsky v. The Internet of Joseph Rakofsky and the Crystal L. Cox Cases of District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and District of Oregon CIVIL CASE 3:11-cv-00057-HZ,

Joseph Rakofsky,

My Name is Crystal L. Cox, I am an Investigative Blogger who has been sued in relation to many of 
the same law firms and parties as Rakofsky V. the Internet.

I, Crystal L. Cox, write this ENTIRE letter, Notice, upon my own personal experience, knowledge and belief.
I encourage all who read this information to look for documented facts and to do an independent investigation,
examination of those facts. And to notify the property authorities.

I have over 1000 blogs and I have dedicated my life to exposing corruption. I have been in legal matters the last
couple of years in which I believe, combined with your case will show Pattern and History and will effectively
prosecute those guilty of RICO Crimes.

There are defendants, plaintiffs, attorneys, law firms, media, bloggers and other common elements or our cases
in which I believe proves pattern and history of the same lawyers, media, law firms and bloggers.

I, Crystal L. Cox, had been reporting on / researching / interviewing / blogging on a $40 Million Oregon Bankruptcy
for 3 years, when the attorneys who made millions in the bankruptcy, and the Bankruptcy Trustee, sued me, in
order to silence my Internet Voice, Online Media exposing them. I fought back, rejected approx. 5 settlement offers. They offered me to go silent, and to blame others for bad information they claimed I was posting, however, I was posting the facts
with my opinion of those facts to the best of my ability. And therefore I refused.

Obsidian V. Cox, was a Civil Trial for Defamation, regarding an Investigative Blogger, me, Crystal L. Cox and
an Oregon Financial Advising Company, Obsidian Finance Group. It was in no way a criminal trial, nor was there
a criminal investigation going on regarding me, in any way.

I lost this case, though I brought massive documents of the proof of my source of that post.

The Judge said that Oregon Retraction Laws, Oregon Shield Laws, the First Amendment and whether I 
had actual malice or not, simply DID not apply to me / matter in my case, because I was a Blogger and Not a
Journalist, in his opinion of what a Journalist is or Is not, and his interpretation of law. One of those reasons being,
I was not protected by the same laws as journalists because I did not have the “standards” and “ethics” this 
judge felt made me entitled to those laws, in his opinion of what "standards" makes an alleged journalist
protected, or not protected by law and the constitution.

I fully believe that the Judge in my cases was protecting Elite Law Firms, and other Judges in Portland Oregon.
There are many details, documented facts, depositions, hearings and videos to all of this, if there is interest
to anyone.

However, the point here is, that in a Motion Denying a New Trial, and after discussions I believe the Judge had
with Opposing Counsel in Private, and with an Attorney that claimed to be negotiating in my best interest,
(Randazza Legal Group), the Judge issued a Denial for a New Trial and in this Denial, suggested I was guilty
for the crime of extortion.

Many “media” outlets, bloggers, attorney bloggers and what I call a group of gang stalking attorneys, posted
online that I was Guilty of Extortion and that is why I was not a Journalist and protected by the same laws
as Journalist or all Citizens for that matter. This, of course, makes no sense as a matter of law, as whether
I am a criminal or not, has nothing to do with whether I am a Journalist or Not, and thereby protected by the same
laws and constitutional rights as traditional journalists.

I was not given due process of law, I was not convicted of Extortion, however, just as in your case, the judges
distorted opinion, grabbed on to by a group of defaming gang stalkers for their own agendas, which was to STOP
my appeal for one and to try and make it so that bloggers do not have the same legal rights as journalists.
Another reason was an act of revenge for firing the attorney who was acting as if he was negotiating in my case,
he is the same attorney involved in your case. Another reason was to shut down my blogs, steal domain names
and suppress the story of the biggest technology crime in the world, and the involvement of their own clients. This
is the iViewit Technology Case ( )

Just as in your case, they ran with an email, out of context and without facts that these bloggers, attorneys,
media could easily have found, thereby they had intentional infliction and actual malice.  They simply lynched me,
defamed me, and NOT based in Factual Documentation.

"The judge also referred to email sent by Cox to the plaintiffs, offering services for reputation repair for $2,500 per
month," as many media outlets say, and this was given as a Reason I am not protected by the First Amendment,
Shield Laws, Retraction Laws and with total disregard to actual malice.

A Federal Judge ruling over a Civil Trial, insinuates the Defendant is guilty of a Crime in a Denial of a 
Motion for a New Civil Trial. And rogue attorney bloggers, big media, and more gang up to defame, 
distort, paint in false light, and publicly disgrace the Defendant, whom was not on trial for a Crime in 
the first place.

The Judge was Supposed to be lawfully RULING regarding One Blog Post of December 25th 2010.  Instead he
BASED his Denial for a New RULING on one eMail out of 5 eMails between Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox, acting
in her pro se capacity, and David S. Aman, Opposing Counsel, SENT on January 19th 2011,  which was a month
after the Blog Post I was on Trial for. And AFTER  / in response to a Lawsuit filed by David S. Aman of Tonkon Torp Law Firm on behalf of Obsidian Finance Group filed on January 14th 2011 against Crystal Cox.  Also keep in mind this one of
5 emails was SENT after / in response to a cease and desist, threat of a Lawsuit sent on December 22nd 2011,
as the records show, it was a REPLY to this eMail as the Records show. And in Response to a 10 Million Dollar
Lawsuit filed against me, Crystal Cox, as a way to offer a Settlement, a Negotiation to try and stop a lawsuit, not
to Extort Anyway, as I had been reporting on the Summit Bankruptcy for 3 years.

This email that Judge Marco Hernandez claimed as a reason I had no Journalistic Standards, and therefore the
 law and constitution does not apply to me, had nothing to do with the blog post I was on trial for. In Fact it had
not even been sent when the Alleged Defamatory Posts were Posted.

When I posted the alleged Defamatory Post I had not yet sent that eMail that Judge Marco Hernandez claimed
was a reason that the laws that apply to other “media” and “journalists” did not apply to me.

My Case, Obsidian V. Cox is on appeal. Meanwhile I was sued AGAIN, by the attorney above that I mention was
negotiating on my alleged behalf.  This is District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and this case brings up the very same issues as Rakofsky v. The Internet, whereby a judges defamatory comments are taken by media, bloggers, attorneys and distorted in order to meet their objectives, and to defame, paint in false light and publicly humiliate their target.

In my case in Nevada, the Judge actual calls the Plaintiffs Evidence, which is print outs of blogs such as the
Philly Law Blog, she calls them "Legal Commentary" and used them as a reason to give the Plaintiff massive
blogs, domain name and online content, BEFORE I had due process, or the First Amendment was adjudicated in
the matter / the speech at issue.

This is very important to you and other possible victims of these tactics, as these same attorney bloggers such as Jordan Rushie, J. Malcom DeVoy, Eric Turkewitz, Mark Bennett, Scott H. Greenfield and more are involved in creating a false "Legal Commentary" record against me, just as they are you. This is very dangerous to the Public at Large, as these attorneys gang up on victims to affect each others cases and the financial outcome of those cases, to their own best interest and the best interest of their clients such as Liberty Media and others.

They are given seemingly, automatic "Credibility" over their alleged victims, as most are not attorneys, and the
COURTS, seem to think the Attorney more "Credible". This is unethical, immoral and a violation of our rights.

This Pattern and History is an abuse of power, a fraud on the courts, an tactic that can lead to extortion of
clients on both sides of their cases, and is dangerous to the public at large.

In my Case, it has led to criminal endangerment, death threats, threats of violence, economic ruin, public lynching,
career ruined, home taken, and as in your case, Defamation; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress;
Tortious Interference;

I, Pro Se Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox claim / allege, upon my knowledge an belief that these same “Parties”
engage in this “Pattern and History” and thereby are Guilty of RICO Crime, Racketeering.

My Cases, District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and District of Oregon CIVIL CASE 3:11-cv-00057-HZ
have many of the same “Players”, Attorneys, Media Outlets involved in this same Behavior.

These blogs, media outlets, "legal commentary" blogs, quote the judges, yet also distort the facts and push the
criminal suggestion into flat out accusations of Extortion, and with "Actual Malice", as the know I, Defendant
Crystal Cox was in a Civil Trial over Defamation, and not a Criminal Trial, and that I was not under investigation
nor even charged with extortion, yet they "Lynched" Me. Lied about me, and they had easy access to the facts
of the case, to Pacer, to blogs with documents of evidence and they ignored all of this and simply attacked me,
Crystal Cox, defamed me, purposely painted me in false light and engaged in criminal endangerment, Defamation;
Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Tortious Interference, just as in Rakofsky v. The Internet.

Here are a Few Common Elements, Law Firms, Lawyers certainly no where near all.

The Turkewitz Law Firm, New York Personal Injury Law Blog, Eric Turkewitz, also lied about, defamed, intimidated, harassed, me, Pro Se Defendant / Counter Plaintiff Crystal Cox. And Eric Turkewitz defamed me, painted me in false light, caused massive emotional stress, Intentional Infliction and Tortious Interference.  Eric Turkewitz accused me of crimes in which I had no criminal trial or criminal investigation of, no due process what so ever.

Eric Turkewitz of The Turkewitz Law Firm has pattern and history with Randazza Legal Group, Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog, Kenneth P. White of,, the Legal Satyricon Blog, and more.

Also Just as in your case, Jordan Rushie and the Philly Law Blog, J. Malcom DeVoy and the Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group, Mark Bennett of Bennett and Bennett Law Firm and the blog, Scott H. Greenfield of,, Breaking Media LLC ( ), and more have defamed me, painted me in false light, caused massive emotional stress, Intentional Infliction and Tortious Interference. And they have accused me of crimes in which I had no criminal trial or criminal investigation of, no due process what so ever.

My Cases, District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and District of Oregon CIVIL CASE 3:11-cv-00057-HZ has Forbest Journalist Kashmir Hill, who is connected to and formerly of Above Law Blog, who was represented by the same Attorney Suing Me of Randazza Legal Group. Also the New York Times, Fox News, NPR and other Big Media Outlets

There is an alleged memo that was sent out to all “Media” to NOT associate with Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, as this would discredit them. However, I, Crystal Cox was simply giving voice to victims of corruption. I did not extort anyone, nor make an money from this, yet I was made out to be a criminal and therefor ALL media, radio, newspapers, bloggers were to distance from me and thereby further discredit me. Which directly protects corruption in the courts and protects the MONOPOLY that Traditional Media has on Free Speech in the Courts.

Also involved in my media distortion, painting in false light were / are Thomas Reuters, NPR Bob Garfield, David Carr of the New York Times, Tracy L. Coenen of the Fraud Files, and more alleged co-conspirators.

Many of our Common, Alleged Co-Conspirators have a Powerful Backing of Clients such as Liberty Media Holdings, whom Randazza Legal Group, Greenberg Traurig and Jordan Rushie of Mulvhill & Rushie LLC are attorneys for in Copyright Troll, Trademark and other Cases.,, and others that blog about, defame, us both, have been previously represented in matters by Randazza Legal Group - the Legal Satyricon Blog and Attorney Jordan Rushie of the Philly Law Blog.  They have massive conflicts of interest. And act in a repeating, (RICO), manner to shake down clients on both sides of legal cases they blog about, in my belief and knowledge.

Also connected is the Free Speech Coalition, and those who gang stalk in protection of the Free Speech Coalition and its agenda of protecting the Porn Industry Billionaires.

They are Aided and Abetted by Proskauer Rose Law Firm, Tonkon Torp Law Firm, Foley and Lardner, Brown White & Newhouse Law Firm, Greenberg Traurig and Randazza Legal Group Law Firm, upon my knowledge and belief.

Upon knowledge and belief;  A bit about Proskauer Rose, who seems to be representing at least one of the parties in your case,Rakofsky v. The Internet.  Proskauer Rose Lawyers were the original conspirators in the stealing of the iViewit Technology. Proskauer Rose Lawyer Kenneth Rubenstein was the main Lawyer in the beginning, over a decade ago. Kenneth Rubenstein is connected to Peter L. Michaelson, whom was recently used as a WIPO Panelist to Steal Domain names from me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and from Eliot Bernstein who is one of the iViewit Technology Inventors and the founder of the iViewit company. Both Cases  District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and District of Oregon CIVIL CASE 3:11-cv-00057-HZ, name Eliot Bernstein as a Defendant. I was simply a reporter / an investigative blogger reporting on his story for over 4 years.

Godaddy Inc., WIPO, Francis Gurry WIPO Director, and Peter L. Michaelson New Jersey Attorney, are believed to be in conspiracy with Randazza Legal Group to silence the iViewit Technology Story and to defame, publicly humiliate, harass and intimidate me, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

I have Alleged Racketeering, and Filed a RICO Complaint in connection to District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.  I belief, upon my own personal experience and knowledge that there is a pattern and history among these same lawyers, bloggers, law firms and more in this same pattern to defame, disgrace, paint in false light, and ruin their target. I believe they do this in an organized manner in which appears to be "Legal Commentary" to unsuspecting judges and the public at large. However, it is clearly, in my opinion, a network of attorneys, media, bloggers that are conspiring to make their intended target "look" how they want them to, in order to WIN their legal cases or to set precedence for future cases.

Based upon my research, knowledge and personal experience, I believe this organized gang stalking, defamation racket is also to "shakedown" clients on ALL sides of a legal case, reach settlements quicker and get these attorneys the most amount of money the fastest. (Righthaven, seems to be one such instance. And in connection with J. Todd Kincannon, pretending to be on opposites sites but really friends, cohorts, as far as I interpret the research I have ton and tips I have been given)

I am an Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Looking for Information on all Named Defendants in Joseph Rakofsky Supreme Court of the State of New York; County of New York, Case Number 105573-2011 (Rakofsky v. The Internet) AND all Counter Defendants in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL

My Name is Crystal L. Cox, I am an Investigative Blogger looking for information on The Turkewitz Law Firm, New York Personal Injury Law Blog, Eric Turkewitz, Jordan Rushie and the Philly Law Blog, J. Malcom DeVoy and the Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group, Mark Bennett of Bennett and Bennett Law Firm and the blog, Scott H. Greenfield of,, Breaking Media LLC ( ), Proskauer Rose Law Firm and all Named Defendants in Supreme Court of the State of New York; County of New York, Case Number 105573-2011 (Rakofsky v. The Internet) AND all Counter Defendants in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.

RICO Legal Action and Indictments hinge on Pattern and History, so we need to prove that these same People, Reporters, Lawyers, Law Firms, NPR Hosts, Forbes Journalists, New York Times Journalists, Bloggers and more, do the same types of actions to their victims repeatedly.  We need to prove who makes the money, who is connected and protected and who all the players are.

Please eMail your tips to or or 

For More District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL AND Supreme Court of the State of New York; County of New York, Case Number 105573-2011 ( Rakofsky v. The Internet), Check out the Links Below

For any details, case documents, or for me to join you in class action lawsuits, please eMail me, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox, at or


Crystal L. Cox

More Details, Documents, Evidence Coming Soon. Have a Tip. Please eMail me.

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