Monday, February 11, 2013

Samuel Bass Public Notice - Samuel Bass Bend Oregon - Samuel Phoenix Bass - Samuel Bass

Samuel Bass Public Notice - Samuel Bass Bend Oregon - Samuel Phoenix Bass - Samuel Bass - Samuel Bass Writer  - Samuel Base Public Announcement.

There are hundreds of victims who fall prey to Samuel Bass and Samuel Bass charms. Samuel Bass comes off as sensitive and a gentleman,but behind your back Samuel Bass is having massive unprotected, undisclosed sex and lying to the participants.

Sam Bass is arrogant and full of himself. Samuel Bass thinks Samuel Bass is smarter and wiser than anyone else. Don't let Samuel Basfool you. Samuel Bass will stab you in the back as soon as Samuel Bass gets what Samuel Bass wants from you. Sam Bass will lure you in with his sensitive writing just to trap his next, Samuel Bass victim.

Ladies do not fall for Samuel Bass's Charm.

Samuel Bass is also the cheapest son of a bitch on the face of the planet. He will take you for whatever you have in your purse or wallet and claim he has no money.

Stay tuned to for more on just what an evil, disgusting, deceitful, scumbag this guy is. ALERT - WATCH OUT GIRLS

Samuel Bass - Stay Tuned for More Regarding Sam Bass Bend Oregon

Samuel Bass ~ Source of Samuel Bass Writer, Bend Oregon Post Information
Samuel Bass 

"  Public Notice to Women in Bend Oregon
This public notice is for all women who may come in contact with a man named, Samuel Bass. Samuel Bass preys on every woman he comes in contact with. Samuel Bass will tell you sweet things, be sensitive, and say whatever Samuel Bass needs to so that Samuel Bass can get you to have sex with Samuel Bass. Samuel Bass will refuse to where a condom and tell you that you are the only one he is sleeping with. 

The truth of the matter is that Samuel Bass has girls in and out of his bed with unprotected sex. Beware of Samuel Bass

Don't be taken by his lies and deceit like so many other Samuel Bass Victim's. Samuel Bass uses his twitter account to deceive women...making them think Samuel Bass is sweet with pictures of rabbits or that Samuel Bass is romantic with romantic words and stories. This is your warning that this is just trickery so that Samuel Bass can catch yet another VICTIM."

Samuel Bass ~ Source of Samuel Bass Post

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