Friday, February 8, 2013

Matthew H. Goldsmith and Joseph Rakofsky Should not Be Sanctioned. Eric Turkewitz, Randazza Legal Group and Alleged Co-Conspirators SHOULD Be Sanctioned and INDICTED for their Massive Fraud on the Courts Says Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

"1/2/2013 - After a six month period in which plaintiffs did not withdraw their claims as urged by the court at the June 28, 2012 hearing, the defendants represented by the Turkewitz Law Firm and Randazza Legal Group file a motion for sanctions against plaintiffs and attorney Goldsmith for vexatious conduct and frivolous claims."

Source of Quote

Joseph Rakofsky in the Case, Rakofsky v. The Internet, is not making "Frivolous Claims". He is being Lynched, Set Up, Extorted in a Way, Defamed, Painted in False Light, Harassed, Intimidated, Lied About, Threatened, Mistreated and more.. and these Same Defendants in Rakofsky v. The Internet, many of them are Counter Defendants in a Real "SLAPP" Case known as District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL

There seems to be a Pattern and History with these Journalists, Attorneys, Lawyer Bloggers, Law Firms, and they SHOULD not have Free Reign to Gang Up and Ruin Lives, nor to use their power and privilege to Defame, seemingly legally, and to ruin lives based on lies.

Joseph Rakofsky in the Case, Rakofsky v. The Internet, had the backbone to stand up to them all, and they, in turn, GANG UP, some more, to convince judges, courts, other law firms, and the public at large, via their mirage known as "Legal Commentary" of the "Legal Blogsphere", that Joseph Rakofsky is being "frivolous" and that Joseph Rakofsky and Attorney  Matthew H. Goldsmith SHOULD be Sanctioned. Why? Because they Stood up to a LYNCH MOB.

Pattern and History among, what Looks to be Common Co-Conspirators, Bloggers, Attorneys, Media Outlets in the Case, Rakofsky v. The Internet of Joseph Rakofsky and the Crystal L. Cox Cases of District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and District of Oregon CIVIL CASE 3:11-cv-00057-HZ, SHOULD not be taken lightly by Special Investigators. As this "Gang" is POWERFUL in the Media and the Courts, and Joseph Rakofsky is FLAT out TELLING the TRUTH.

These same Defendants in Rakofsky v. The Internet, and many of them are Counter Defendants in a Real "SLAPP" Case known as District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL have also attacked insiders, investigative bloggers, whistle blowers in the Porn Industry Exposing them. The Pattern and History is there. Look at their attack on Shelley Lubben, Monica Foster aKa Alexandria Melody and Diana Grandmason aKa Desi Foxx. They have done this with the First Amendment Coalition, the Free Speech Legal Defense Fund (FSLDF), in effort to SILENCE blogs, online media, investigative bloggers, insiders, whistle blower REPORTING on them. 

In District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL they even named Monica Foster aKa Alexandria Melody and Diana Grandmason aKa Desi Foxx SIMPLY to defame, threaten and harass them when they WERE unrelated to me, investigative Blogger Crystal Cox. They are "related" now, as we are part of a number of individuals ATTACKED by this Internet Mobbing, Gang Stalking Group.

They need to be EXPOSED, Stopped. Instead, for Now, they have Free Reign of the Courts and they Punish whoever they want, in WHATEVER way they want, and have NO Accountability.

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This Gang, Gets my Videos, Blogs, Documents Removed Often, and YET pretend to be Supporters of the First Amendment, which clearly they are Hypocritical on.. so if anything is Missing from My Blogs and you want it, email me at one or all of these eMails, as they block those too, OR or at  - the LEGAL Blogsphere Gate Keepers, get my blogs removed ALL the TIME, so who knows that will be here or there when you find this blog post.

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