Saturday, February 2, 2013

Don't Ya Love it, Defendant Crystal Cox was NOT allowed to "talk about" what One of her Sources Told her, not ALLOWED to Present Evidence and Fact, YET the Plaintiff simply Stated they Lost MILLIONS and WaLa Magically they WIN 2.5 MILLION Dollars. Talk about a Fraud on the Courts, a Major Constitutional Rights Violation, Pro Se Discrimination, Selective Prosecution, and Denial of Due Process.

In the Obsidian Finance Group V. Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Defamation Case, it is CLEAR that Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox was NOT allowed to quote her sources, not allowed to enter evidence and had her hands completely tied as to entering in FACT. 

Yet the Plaintiff, and Attorney David S. Aman, completely defied the judge and "hearsay" was their WHOLE Case. They were awarded 2.5 MILLION Dollars.

Page 46, Line 9 Thru Page 52 Line 11, of the Obsidian Finance Group V. Investigative Blogger Cox Trial Day Transcripts, discuss NOT allowing Defendant Crystal Cox to talk about her "source" or to talk about her "state of mind".

The Cease and Desist Letter was NOT allowed in, even though it was sent to me 3 days BEFORE the blog post I was on Trial for.  They discuss that I "knew" the statements were false and published them anyway, this is a discussion about malice vs. actual malice. Yet I was not allowed to approach my defense this way, even though I was accused of knowingly posting false information which is not true, not even to this day.

The want to show the "post", outside of my "process" and out of "context" purposely.

My "mental state" is irrelevant, they say. Yet obviously it is the whole issue.  They don't want to "open the door" to why I thought the post was TRUE? Seem like a conspiracy, entrapment, fraud to you reader?

Page 47, line 17 shows, they CLEARLY wanted to make sure I was NOT allowed to enter any EVIDENCE, though I brought over 500 pages of Evidence of why that ONE Blog Post was TRUE.

Shown Here

Page 47, line 25 Clearly shows the JUDGE deliberately did not want my "knowledge" entering into the case to DEFEND, myself.

Then they say there are no Punitive Damages so my state of mine is irrelevant, however, there was NO Factual Evidence of any LOSS of Revenue by Obsidian Finance Group, only the Stated Loss by their Owners and their VP.

In Fact, the Day Before the Obsidian V. Cox Trial, Judge Hernandez said he would NOT accept "stated" loss. Check out the Transcripts from the day before, on that matter. Page 11, Line 11 thru Line 4 Page 13 of the link below, discusses, what clearly is Judge Hernandez NOT Allowing stated loss, and clearly telling Opposing Counsel David Aman that he has to bring in his witness.

Page 11, Line 11;  "it's an issue that I consider to be so obvious that I have to raise it", the Judge talks about hearsay not being allowed in stating a loss of millions, yet the very next morning allowed "hearsay" and a 2.5 MILLION Dollar Judgement Followed, against a Penniless Blogger, ME.

Page 12, Line 17 and 18, CLEARLY says, "NO. You haven't convinced me. It's not Admissable" ~ YET, The very next day, apparently the issue was no longer so Obvious. As Obsidian Finance Group, got on the Stand, said they LOST Millions due to that one blog post and did not have to prove they lost or dime, nor have a witness state they denied any business over this or ANY blog Posts of Crystal Cox. WOW? Guess their were more of those "Private Meetings" with David Aman, Tonkon Torp Law Firm and the Judge ~ In direct discrimination of Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox and Denial of Due Process, Fraud on the Courts, I Say.

Here is a Link to the Transcripts, the Day BEFORE the Trial

Link to Full Obsidian V. Cox Trial Day Transcripts

So I Did not TESTIFY on my Own Behalf, YET the "One" eMail he used to DISTORT the Jury's Opinion of me, and way out of context, was allowed in to the case in the Closing Statement. Talk about a Fraud on the Courts to Silence an Investigative Blogger Exposing the Top Law Firms, Financial Companies and Judges in Portland Oregon.

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