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"Powell boys murder - DSHS has questions to answer"

"Citing a failure to contact law enforcement before visits, a panel reviewing the deaths of Josh Powell's children says DSHS could have done more to determine a possible risk. (Read more)

"The violent death of any child, especially at the hands of a parent, is always a tragedy. But few of us who have served in child welfare have had to deal with such a horrific experience as the loss of Charlie and Braden. The thorough, thoughtful examination and recommendations provided by the committee members will be of great help in our ongoing efforts to improve our practice in keeping children safe," said DSHS Children's Administration assistant secretary Denise Revels Robinson.

That's a quote today from the Assistant Secretary, Children's Administration for DSHS Denise Revels-Robinson. Sadly, she has far too much experience in the loss of children.
I extensively covered the story of her hiring by the State of Washington. Here's what I wrote in 2011:
--2011 blog post--
Back in Wisconsin, here is what people said about our state hiring Revels-Robinson. This from blogger "Freedom Eden."
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Denise Revels Robinson Goes to Washington Denise Revels Robinson, the disgraced director of the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, has been appointed to be the assistant secretary overseeing the Children's Administration in Washington State.
Remember, Robinson resigned in the wake of the horrific torture that 13-month-old Christopher Thomas Jr. suffered at the hands of his foster mother and aunt, Crystal Keith. Keith tortured Christopher to death and mercilessly abused his sister while they were in her care.
Many caring individuals wanted to be a parent to Christopher and love him. Instead, the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare determined that he belonged with Keith.
Here's what the Milwaukee Journal said about her hiring.
Revels Robinson, who ran the Milwaukee bureau for 12 years, continued to work for the Department of Children and Families as an executive policy adviser. She will become Washington's assistant secretary for children's administration.
The Milwaukee bureau, under her leadership, was heavily criticized for the way it handled the November 2008 beating death of Christopher Thomas. Christopher and his sister had been tortured by their aunt, Crystal Keith, a court-ordered kinship foster parent, even as caseworkers repeatedly visited their home.
Once again today, I will continue to ask the same questions I've been asking for years - what qualities does Denise Revels-Robinson bring to her job that outweight the scandals of children's deaths that have happened under her watch?
Attorney Anne Bremner, who is representing Susan Cox Powell's family, also wonders why DSHS and Washington State would want someone with that track record responsible for the well-being of our children."

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