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Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio Court Ordered a Baby Girl to STAY in the Home of Her Abuser. The Loryn Ryder Story regarding Matthew Pritchard Sexually Molesting his Daughter. This Post and ALL Posts by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox regarding Mathew Pritchard, Judge Kim A. Browne, Loryn Ryder and Connected Parties is Alleged, and is on Knowledge and Belief that I post this information. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Find the FACTS. DIG Deep. Ready, Set ... - New Blog Owned by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox with the Intention of Turning over Every Rock in the Loryn Ryder - Mathew Pritchard case out of Franklin County Ohio.  The Goal is to Figure Out WHY there are so many family members, law enforcement, special investigators, CPS Agents, Social Workers, and other officials who leave a Baby Girl with the MAN who has been abusing her for years.

NOTICE:  Loryn Ryder has no control over this Blog nor Over ANY Of My Blogs. 

I am an Investigative Blogger and I choose to write about, look into, research stories that interest me or I feel let to, passionate about. I am PAID by no one to Post these stories and wish JUSTICE for the Victims. It is my part in making the world a better place. I use my Internet Marketing Skills to Give "MEDIA", Give "Voice" to Victims of Judicial Corruption that have no other Voice being heard by the proverbial "Powers that Be".

I am Reporting on, Investigating this Story in order to help to GET this 4 year old CHILD away from the Man Who is Abusing her and in Effort to Help other children COURT Ordered to Stay with their Abuser. If you have a Tip, Please eMail me at  and the soon to be thousands of associated blog posts are NOT NOT to Defame anyone.  This Blog and other blogs of mine posting on the Loryn Ryder Story are to EXPOSE Corruption in Franklin County Ohio AND to GET this BABY away from her ABUSER by exposing the FACTS to the best of my ability as an Investigative Blogger.

Who is being paid off in Franklin County Ohio toTraffic Young Girls to Molesters?

Who is protecting who in Franklin County, Ohio?

Who has a video of Loryn Ryder's daughter being molested and has not Surfaced with that Video? Why have they not surfaced and who is Jim Peterson of Peterson PI Firm?

If a Video exists of Loryn Ryder's Daughter being molested, how long has it been since ADULTS, in positions of Authority have seen it and DONE NOTHING?

Why did the Detective not follow up?  Why did CPS deem the Video NOTHING? Why does the Mother of the child being molested not have a copy? Why all the cover ups and secrets?

If Jim Peterson exists and has a VIDEO... well OMG, how long are you going to sit on this and let a baby continue to be molested, how sick does that make YOU? Or is Jim Peterson scared? What is really going on, and why is sexual acts with a baby girl part of the collateral damage to this secret game of ????

Who is the Police Detective that knows of the videos and turned the evidence over to Franklin County CPS, Social Workers and they TURNED a Blind Eye?

Who are the Social Workers, CPS, DSHS involved and what is there incentive? Are they paid off, are they threatened, or in fear of some kind?

What kind of MONSTER is Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio, that she would let a 4 year old stay with a man abusing her and keep a child away from her Natural MOTHER who is not on drugs, not abusing her and yet has lost the right to protect her daughter.

WHY is Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio court ordering a 4 years old girl to stay with the man who is sexually molesting her?

Who is paying Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio? If Anyone.

What secrets does Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio have?

 Is someone threatening Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio?

Does the paycheck of Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio depend on how many kids are in the system?

What could POSSIBLE be the Sick, Twisted, Evil, Illegal, Immoral Reason for Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio to keep a baby girl with the MAN who is Molesting her? And even if Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio REALLY believes that this baby is not being molested, well then what reason is there to not allow a MOTHER custody or at least equal custody. A mother who sure seems to be fit to me.

Time for a Lawsuit against Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio personally and professionally, a lawsuit against Franklin County.

Time for a FEDERAL RICO Complaint and Lawsuit against Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio, Columbus Ohio Social Workers, DSHS Ohio, and ALL involved in this massive sexual cover up in Franklin County Ohio. Ma and Pa Pritchard will be named as well, these Grandparents KNOW their son is molesting their granddaughter and they fight for their son, xx to have constant access to a child that he had nothing to do with the first year of her life. Then one day he got a secret daddy crush, and used the powers of his "connections" in Franklin County Ohio to get get custody of this BABY and molest her. The mother, Loryn Ryder fights with all her might and is persecuted by the system, meanwhile the child is still with her ABUSER, and Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio continues to ALLOW this. And Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio refuse any EVIDENCE of Sexual activity with father and baby daughter to be admitted into the courts.

Time for Criminal Complaints to be filed with the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, the FBI, and more regarding the ILLEGAL actions, and possible human trafficking of Judge Kim A. Browne Franklin County Ohio. I will be involved in filing these criminal complaints and NAMING YOU ALL, with as much evidence as possible. You may want to come forward now, as the TRUTH is going to come out.

Keep a Watchful Eye on your PERVERSION and who you Protect. Special Investigators will be watching you all, and videos of your sick behavior will soon be available for the world to see. THE Goal: to SAVE A BABY from her ABUSER as a Corrupt Ohio Judge Court Orders this Baby Girl to Stay with her Abuser.

Who is McMullen Engineering Company of Columbus Ohio?  Does  McMullen Engineering Company SUPPORT Child Molesters?

Does McMullen Engineering Company condone sexual acts with children? 

Why is McMullen Engineering Company on my blogs so much? I googled McMullen Engineering Company and who knows maybe they are Good Guys, there is an Ashley Ryder that Works at McMullen Engineering Company and a Mark Ryder that works at McMullen Engineering Company. Are they related to Loryn Ryder?

Is Mark Ryder and Ashley Ryder of McMullen Engineering Company blood related to a 4 year old girl that they know is being sexually abused by her father and DOING NOTHING about it?  Or is it Mark Ryder and Ashley Ryder of McMullen Engineering Company that is even on my blogs.

I mean, it could be anyone at McMullen Engineering Company in Columbus Ohio obsessed with reading every word online about Loryn Ryder, a Mother trying to REMOVE her baby girl from the hands of her father who is MOLESTING HER, oh in my OPINION, cuz um I can read ALL the PROOF and have a BRAIN.

So, who is it McMullen Engineering Company on my blogs, is it Carl A. McMullenP.E., Paul R. McMullenP.E., Duane Bear, E.I.T., Ken Grooms, Mart Kleeman, Mike McGhee, B. Heath McMullenP.E., Jerry Newcome, Tim O'Brien, Mark Petrie, Ashley Ryder, Mark Ryder, Carolyn "Smitty" Smith, Debbie Leaf or just some person of the street using the computers at  McMullen Engineering Company in Columbus Ohio to Obsess over a Story of a WOMAN trying to save her daughter from being sexually abused.?

Oh well, I Don't Know Who It Is, But I am Sure THEY will Surface Soon.

So What is Really Going on in Franklin County Ohio regarding Sex with Children, Pedophile Protection, Human Trafficking, CPS Corruption, Court Orders that FORCE kids to have sex with their parents?  NOT SURE, But I intent to Turn Over every Rock, Dig in Every File, Rattle the Skeletons in EVERY Closet UNTIL I, WE, Find Out.

There has to be some massive money and political motives here, other wise, why in the world would a woman, Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio, FORCE a child to stay in a home where evidence shows she is being sexually abused????

Its almost as if Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio is forcing this child to have sex with her father, why? I mean come on Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio KNOWS, and yet court orders FULL custody to the father, while the MOTHER trying to Save the baby is PAYING Child Support. WOW.  Sure seems to me like Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio is Pimping out a Child to her Father, and making the Mother Pay for the Service. WHY?

There has to be a BIG Money, BIG Secret Reason for Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio to ALLOW a Molester Full Custody of the 4 year old girl he is molesting. What is it? Maybe Matthew Pritchard is connected in ways we don't know. Oh Well, Its time for ALL Of Us to Get to the Bottom of this Sick Little Story.

As the Saying Goes, it takes a Community to Raise a Child. Well in this Case it takes a Community to SAVE a Child from the Man who is Abuser her. So Here we go. One Child at a Time, Starting with Franklin County Ohio and the Sick Court Ordered Child Molesting Services provided by Corrupt, EVIL Judge Kim A. Browne of Franklin County Ohio.

Lots more coming soon regarding:  Franklin County Sheriff, Franklin County Detectives, Franklin County Commissioners, Franklin County DSHS, Franklin County CPS, Franklin County Social Workers, McMullen Engineering CompanyMark Ryder, Matthew Pritchard, Mike Ryder and Lots' More.

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

Note:  If you want to SUE me over anything I have Posted, you may serve me at me email address

Also Check Out Loryn Ryder's Website on this Very Important Issue

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