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Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Technology Theft, Trillion Dollar Federal RICO and ANTITRUST Lawsuit, SEC Complaint and Documents of Evidence. Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Technology. Foley and Lardner, Christopher C. Wheeler Proskauer Rose, Mathew C. Triggs, INTC, Bruces Sewell, Curtis Lu, Warner Bros. and more.

"World-renowned Inventor of Digital Video & Imaging Mathematical Scaling Formulas, Eliot Bernstein discusses with radio talk show host Les Winston of Disbar the Florida Bar his Trillion Dollar Federal RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit, naming the Florida Bar, Florida Supreme Court & Labarga as Defendants. The suit marked “legally” related by Judge Shira Scheindlin to a NY Whistleblower suit filed by a Supreme Court of NY Staff Attorney, Christine C. Anderson, Esq. Bernstein’s Amended Complaint

Anderson alleges the NY Attorney Disciplinary Dept, responsible for the oversight of WallStreet lawyers, has been whitewashing and cleaning disciplinary complaints against attorneys, including US Attorney’s, DA’s & ADA’s. Anderson named a “Cleaner” from the Ethics Dept of the NY Supreme Court, Naomi Goldstein, supervisor at the NY Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee.

No wonder WallStreet melted down & attorney regulators go unpunished for failures after causing massive damage to the American People, only to then leave government positions for cushy law firm partnerships. Anderson claimed staff attorney, Nicole Corrado Esq., on her way to testify at deposition supporting Anderson’s suit was threatened & intimated by a Sr. Court Official regarding giving testimony, creating Federal Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering & more by Court Officials.

Bernstein suing the FL & NY Supreme Courts, State Bars & Disciplinary Agencies, claims conflicted members of the courts, partners from Proskauer Rose LLP law firm, the main conspirator in Bernstein’s case along with law firm Foley & Lardner, illegally handled complaints against partners while holding official title with the courts & disciplinary agencies. In NY, Bernstein’s allegations led to unanimous consent of 5 justice of the NY Supreme Court to have former NY State Bar Association President, Steven Krane, a Proskauer partner, ordered for investigation for conflicts & the appearance of impropriety. Proskauer’s Kenneth Rubenstein, the sole (soulless) patent evaluator for MPEGLA LLC, ordered for investigation along with attorney Raymond Joao, who claims to have put 90+ patents into his own name. Bernstein claims patents filed by Joao were during & after the time Iviewit retained Joao to patent inventions for Bernstein, Joao patented them for himself instead.

After termination as Iviewit counsel, Joao worked for infamous convicted felon Marc S. Dreier, sentenced July 13, 2009, to 20 years in prison. Thomas Cahill, former Chief Counsel of the First Dept whom Anderson alleges to be the ringleader at the First Dept, ordered for Special Inquiry. Cahill’s investigation relates to Krane’s conflicts & Cahill’s role in aiding and abetting the RICO Criminal Enterprise, which Bernstein claims is composed mainly of corrupt mob type law firms. Anderson under oath in Scheindlin’s US Fed Court stated “Cleaner” Goldstein was cleaning complaints against “favored law firms and lawyers”.

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo fingered by Anderson & Bernstein for illegal representation of the accused NY State Officials in violation of his public office duties. Cuomo represents the State Officials both professionally & personally on the broke NY State taxpayers’ dime and Bernstein alleges the NY Attorney General is guilty of Felony Title 18 Obstruction of Justice. Obstruction caused by Cuomo’s conflicting his offices with scienter from investigating the accused State Defendants they represent while simultaneously failing to call in a non-conflicted investigator to investigate the Defendants on behalf of the People of NY.

Cuomo is duty bound by Public Officer Law 17(2)(b), which dictates the Attorney General not represent State Defendants when conflict with their offices exist. Yet Cuomo not only represents the State Defendants when conflict exists in both Bernstein and Anderson’s lawsuit but has failed to call in any outside investigator to investigate the State Defendants, his clients, creating a block to prosecution & obstructing justice. Cuomo, Eliot Spitzer & the NY Attorney General’s office are Defendants in Bernstein’s suit.

The fact they are Defendants makes the continued representation of the State Defendants by the Attorney General’s office bizarre and further illegal. Bernstein filed criminal complaints with the Department of Justice Inspector General Glenn Fine, the US Attorney General Eric Holder & others regarding the criminal activities of both the NY and FL Officials.

Bernstein is the inventor of digital imaging & video technologies that revolutionized the Internet, Television & Digital Imaging, the technologies valued over a Trillion Dollars over the 20 yr patent life. Bernstein’s patents are currently on Suspension with the US Patent & Trademark Office by the Commissioner of Patents while the Office of Enrollment & Discipline (OED) Director at the US Patent Office, the Federal Patent Bar, investigates Bernstein’s attorneys for crimes including Fraud Upon the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Bernstein claims Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Stephen Lucchesi claimed to be working with Harry I. Moatz, Director of the OED investigating allegations of crimes against the US & more, Bernstein claims Moatz confirmed collaboration with the FBI.

Bernstein calls for the end of attorney self regulation & self discipline by their peers, which has obviously failed, in favor of charging attorneys with criminal acts to criminal prosecutors, warning that victims of attorneys, judges and prosecutors who file with attorney run state attorney regulators are doing themselves a disfavor.

Bernstein claims the attorneys gain advantage through using the state disciplinary agencies, defending themselves in conflict and gaining confidential information against them, while feathering their caps with conflicted decisions on Supreme Court letterhead. Bernstein along with Anderson, testified before the NY Senate Judiciary Committee in NY @ Chaired by Hon. Senator John Sampson, the hearings to investigate allegations of corruption in the NY Supreme Court Appellate Divisions. Hearings remain ongoing & claims made by NY Senators attending to begin a Task Force to investigate victims’ claims of legal process abuse.

According to Bernstein, one look only at the recent plethora of criminal activity in the stock market & Ponzi schemes to see that all of these schemes are run by law firms. Bernstein claims the Ponzis are illegal money laundering operations for monies illegally obtained by the law firms Criminal RICO Enterprise activities.

Bernstein points to recent schemes such as Bernard Madoff, former “Sir” Allen Stanford, Marc S. Dreier & Greenberg Traurig’s involvement directly in a Ponzi, as evidence that lawyers are behind the schemes & directly involved in intentionally creating subterfuge of the regulatory agencies that could have prevented these schemes. Greenberg, recall was central to Abramoff’s fraud and linked to the Stanford Regulatory Failures.

Other Defendants, reported to the SEC for alleged Shareholder Frauds relating to the Iviewit RICO & ANTITRUST include Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), Silicon Graphics, Inc. (delisted NYSE: SGI) & successor Silicon Graphics International (NASDAQ: SGI), Sony Corporation (NYSE/ADR: SNE) , Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), Ernst & Young Global Limited @



iViewit SEC Complaint

Information regarding these Ponzi schemes and the relation to the Iviewit crimes @

· Information regarding Greenberg Traurig’s involvement in a recent Ponzi, “The American Lawyer is reporting today, May 13, 2010, that the law firm of Greenberg Traurig has been sued for its willful participation in and facilitation of what it knew to be an illegal Ponzi scheme” @ Greenberg represents in conflict the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court Defendants in Bernstein’s Trillion Dollar RICO and ANTITRUST lawsuit, as Greenberg was retained patent counsel by Bernstein & therefore acts wholly in violation of law representing Defendants in the matter.

· Information re the Bernard Madoff, Stanford & Dreier connections to Defendant Proskauer @ “Proskauer Rose and Partner Thomas Sjoblom Further Implicated in the Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme, Failures of SEC in Stanford Cited Further Supporting Iviewit & Eliot Bernstein’s Federal Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Claims” “Proskauer (Porksour) Rose Law Firm Going Down in Allen Stanford Ponzi, next the trail of money may lead to Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein’s stolen Trillion Dollar Patents” “Florida Bar Under Fire for Lack of Regulation in Robert Allen Stanford & Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme, Kenneth Marvin defendant in Iviewit Multi Trillion Dollar Lawsuit”. After reading the article, one wonders if the Florida Bar reported this liability in the Iviewit Multi Trillion Dollar Federal Lawsuit to State Auditors?

The legally related cases to Anderson are @

Cases @ New York Second Circuit
1. 08-4873-cv United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Docket - Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al. - TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT
2. Capogrosso v New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.
3. Esposito v The State of New York, et al.
4. McKeown v The State of New York, et al.
Related Cases @ US District Court - Southern District NY
5. 07cv09599 Anderson v The State of New York, et al. - WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUIT which other cases have been marked legally “related” to by Fed. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin
6. 07cv11196 Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al.
7. 07cv11612 Esposito v The State of New York, et al.
8. 08cv00526 Capogrosso v New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.,
9. 08cv02391 McKeown v The State of New York, et al.
10. 08cv02852 Galison v The State of New York, et al.,
11. 08cv03305 Carvel v The State of New York, et al.
12. 08cv4053 Gizella Weisshaus v The State of New York, et al.
13. 08cv4438 Suzanne McCormick v The State of New York, et al.
14. 08 cv 6368 John L. Petrec-Tolino v. The State of New York
15.  06cv05169 McNamara v The State of New York, et al
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