Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Matter How Much You Need Money, or How Gorgeous you Are. Do NOT Get into the Porn Industry. Learn How to Make a Living Online without the Evils of the Porn Industry. READ Perfect for Porn by Porn Industry Whistle Blower / Porn Industry Insider Monica Foster and find out Why Porn May not be "Perfect" for You or your Loved One.

"Are you perfect for the porn industry? Probably not, but this tongue in cheek (yet painfully honest) little coffee table book will help you figure out whether or not you truly are a prime candidate to hold the coveted title of "Pornstar".

Alexandra aka Monica Foster (author of "Getting Into Porn - the Handbook") presents several quirky observations and questions (some of which you may have asked yourself, but many of which you haven't) of which she wished she'd been asked prior to entering the Los Angeles, California porn scene.

This short and entertaining (yet informative) read, is the perfect introduction and "teaser" to the hard truths of both working within and exiting the pornographic industry.

Whether you are about to take a leap into the XXX world, or know of someone else who's contemplating such a career - Perfect For Porn is a must read."

"Monica Foster is best known as an online personality and adult actress / pornstar - however she's also one of the most innovative adult and mainstream independent African-American entertainers as of current. Monica is rapidly becoming a well known author, blogger, artist and online content developer along with gaining much notoriety as an online host on her popular webcasts "Monica At Home" and "Christian Pornstar". 

Monica Foster cultivated both a technological and artistic background from an early age, and through an unusual chain of events found her way into the adult entertainment industry of which she spent a brief time, and now makes a point in sharing her experiences, thoughts and views with others who may find their lives taking similar channels. 

Monica Foster as of current is developing projects within mainstream entertainment and hopes to continue to share her life's journeys, with those who are interested and shed light onto the often concealed truths of our society and world."

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Monica Foster Porn Industry Whistle Blower / Porn Industry Insider / Spiritual Warrior / Investigative Blogger Exposing the Evils and Corruption in the Porn Industry.

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