Friday, November 9, 2012

Steve Dowling of Apple and Bruce Sewell Apple Inc. Know of Massive Liability to APPLE Shareholders. Peter Oppenheimer, Philip W. Schiller of Apple Also Know of Massive Shareholder Liability over the Blatant, Non-Licensed use of the iViewit Video Technology.

Open Letter to Steve Dowling of Apple, Regarding iViewit Technlogy.

"Steve ~  per our telephone call on June 26, 2012 regarding the website url in your name that we own, please reference the attached Adobe PDF file letter of liabilities for your review and immediate action regarding massive liabilities to Apple Shareholders, Board of Directors and others.  There is a time deadline for your response that a failure to respond timely will result in civil and criminal charges against you.  Thank you and Have a Great Weekend!  ~ Eliot"

Steve Dowling APPLE, Bruce Sewell Apple Inc. - Massive Shareholder Liability KNOWN Liabilities. Steve Dowling and Bruce Sewell REFUSE to Disclose. -

Contact APPLE Executives RIGHT NOW and Demand to Know what is going on with the Massive Liability to Shareholders regarding Apple using a 13 Trillion Dollar Video Technology, Fully Knowing that the Inventors of this technology, iViewit Technologies, have not licensed APPLE to Use their Technology.

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