Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jonathan Kudzmas of Hey Mom! Productions, Sean Davis, Caitlin Howarth; Journey for Justice - The Experience of Three Young Adults with Lawless America

Jonathan Kudzmas of Hey Mom! And  Sean Davis and Caitlin Howarth Thank You for Making This World a Better Place and Standing with the Victims of Corruption.

Jonathan Kudzmas of Hey Mom! Productions.

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox Says
Thank You, Jonathan Kudzmas, Sean Davis, and Caitlin Howarth.
May the Great Spirit Bless Your Journey, and May you Always
Give Voice to Victims who are not Being Heard.

<Takes A Bow> 

Make a Stand Against Corruption, Give your Neighbor a Voice.
Speak for those without a Voice. Make a Stand for those You Can. 
At the Very Least, Hear Them. If you CAN...

Roar for Them !!!

What Could Be More Important then Helping to End the Suffering
of those Lost in the "System", Those Facing the Wall of Corruption Daily?

Do What You Can.    Save Who You Can.

Do the Right Thing. 

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