Saturday, October 13, 2012

ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Stand Against the Wall of Corruption. Silence is Betrayal.~ "It is the claim of William Windsor, a filmmaker from Georgia, that the political and judicial systems in the United States are completely corrupt." Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox COMPLETELY Agrees.

Thousands of Stories have Come to Me For Years. Judicial Corruption is Rampant in Every County in America. Enough is Enough. Join US in Battling Corruption, EXPOSE EVIL.

Bill Windsor, Lawless America is Capturing these stories in a way that they can be heard by the masses who don't know, can't believe and are simply up against the massive Wall of Corruption in the U.S. Our Courts are Corrupt and Victims of this Corruption have no Rights. 

There is No TRUE Standard of Practice. Laws Do NOT APPLY in these Cases, its who you Know, who you Owe and who Owes You. oh and it's Pay to Play. 

Stop the Culture of Corruption ~ Crystal L. Cox, 
Investigative Blogger, Anti-Corruption Media.

Below is the Article Regarding William Windsor and Lawless America, the Movie

"CEDAR CITY — It is the claim of William Windsor, a filmmaker from Georgia, that the political and judicial systems in the United States are completely corrupt.

Windsor is traveling to every state in the nation to gather stories to prove his claim for a planned movie called “Lawless America – The Movie.”

Normally Windsor visits only the state capitol, but when members of the citizen watchdog group called “Iron County Corruption” said they had a number of stories, Windsor made a special trip to Cedar City on Friday.

“This is the first time this has happened,” Windsor said.

Misty Cheek, one of the founding members of Iron County Corruption, said she is aware of dozens of stories that show, in her view, that Iron County is living in a culture of corruption.

“We’re seeing constitutional rights violated constantly and it just doesn’t seem like anyone will stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough’,” Cheek said. “That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Cheek was one of roughly a dozen individuals who met at the Sizzler restaurant to record their stories for Windsor, who said he plans on compiling the stories into a documentary that he hopes will be seen across the country.

“The truth is we don’t have any rights anymore in this country,” Windsor said. “We don’t have constitutional rights, we don’t have judicial rights, we don’t have God-given rights. Judges, law enforcement and politicians just do what they want to do.”

Cheek claims the Iron County Attorney’s Office, along with a number of other law enforcement agencies, violated the constitutional rights of her daughterHaylee Cheek, who is currently serving a possible life sentence in Utah State Prison.

Others on site to have their stories recorded for possible use in the documentary included Deneen McCarthy, who said she was “terrified” to talk about her allegations of corruption.

“I’m so scared I’m shaking,” McCarthy said. “But I’m going to talk and I hope everyone hears me.”

McCarthy was also instrumental in creating the Iron County Citizens Review Board, a citizen group with the stated intent to investigate tales of possible corruption in Iron County."

Source of Lawless America Article on Judicial Corruption

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