Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bruce Sewell, Steve Dowling - Apple, AAPL‎ - Apple Inc. Executives are Hiding a Massive Shareholder Liability and YOU will Pay for what AAPL Executives FAIL to Disclose To You, though They Knowingly Continue to Infringe on the iViewit Technology.

Apple, AAPL‎ Executives Know they are Infringing on the iViewit Technology and They Knowingly FAIL to Disclose to Shareholders. And Apple, AAPL‎ Executives fail to make it RIGHT with the iViewit Technology Inventors and RIGHTFUL owners of the Video Technology that Apple, AAPL‎ is continuing to us.

Research Links Below Regarding APPLE, AAPL General Counsel Bruce Sewell being fully aware of the iViewit Technology Infringement, Even Before Bruce Sewell went to work at Apple, as there General Counsel.

Steve Dowling, of Apple, AAPL‎ - Apple Inc. recently spoke with one of the iViewit Technology Inventors, and Founder of iViewit Technologies.  Steve Dowling fails to disclose to  Apple, AAPL‎ - Apple Inc., this Massive Liability, and  Apple, AAPL‎ - Apple Inc. continues to knowingly infringe on the iViewit Video Technology.

More Regarding Steve Dowling, of Apple, AAPL‎ - Apple Inc. Failing to Disclose.

Find Out for Yourself, the Massive Shareholder, Bondholder Liability that  Apple, AAPL‎ - Apple Inc. Faces over the Knowing Infringement of the iViewit Video Technology. Take a Look at the information and documents linked below.

iViewit Patent Filings

iViewit US District Court Documents

iViewit US Court of Appeals Documents

iViewit Technology Evidence List

iViewit SEC Complaint regarding the iViewit Technology

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox is Dedicated to Exposing ATT and Wayne Watts in regard to the iViewit Video Technology Infringement.  

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