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Kate Carson Tamara Burns - Keller and Williams California

Kate Carson Tamara Burns - Keller and Williams California

"My mother Rinski Rodenhuis  and I had bought a condominium at 579 Camino Mercado Unit 213 at Ocean Oaks senior living in Arroyo Grande Ca. 93420 2008.
Where Keller and Williams use to be the only brokerage of one realtor Kate Carson , sales person Jason Blanenship were contracted to sell these brand new units in this complex built by Gary Young.

Rinski Rodenhuis a senior  79 bought this condo unit 213 Kate Carson Keller and Williams Brokerage in Pismo beach Ca..My mother Rinski only asked k Kate Carson to make sure there will never be hard wood floors in upper units, as my mom stayed in a hotel to sign paper work and was never able to sleep in this hotel due to the hardwood floors. Kate said no hardwood floors. Well she lied. What's new. Buyer Beware.

Upstairs were allowed by Kate Carson to  install their own hardwood floors before  a real HOA got started. How ever Kate Carson and her husband were invited up to see these floors and Kate's husband installed flooring for a living and told Kate they were the worst he had ever seen..

My Mother did not get any sleep for a year.. I was so upset that she did not disclose this and they also said yes we know.. They told us they has seen the flooring. They knew. We lived there all of 209 , for a year and it was so bad we could not live there any longer, noise  was relentless.. noise and harassment as the HOA did not want any new owners to know what they had done.We asked the HOA for a meeting. They said no. Finally we had a noise test by builder Gary Young. All home owners were given a different date. My mom said she wanted to pay for their flooring so to resolve the noise .. There we sat with just the builder and president and two wittiness.Owner of Grover beach Hardwood floors came. Builder Gary Young did not know. I sent him upstairs and the owners of unit let him in thinking the builder had sent him. He came down and told the builder he had never seem such poorly done flooring. They did not protect me or my mother.
I later read this was elderly abuse and discrimination. As i asked Kate and Jason to sell this unit. As i said earlier they were the only two that sold these units.

They refused to sell our condo.. I called Alan Williams owner of KW in Pismo each.. about 30 times and not one return call.

My mother , decided to rent it out. Then we  took KW to ethics board ,to hold them accountable and to know why they would not sell the unit we owned. We were told by Cindy doll of Board of realtors Pismo Coast. She said  Not to hire a lawyer. So we thought she was on our side and was there to protect us. Come to find out that was far from the truth. My mother and I walked in only to see they hired a lawyer Roy Ogden .

We had absolutely no time to talk None.He Played a private message I had left on Mr Alan Williams answering cell phone. I trusted this brokerage and have bought and sold for 40 years with never have a problem with a realtor. Roy Ogden stated I had HIV to all the agents and the realtors feared my illness. There for they did not have to sell my mother condo.I never in my life have been treated with such lies .I was was  amazed at how they covered each other lies in this county. Police even retaliated and i finally caught them..
I have sent all of this to HUD.. They drafted up violations.. But I do not trsut HUD.. As Century 21 came last year to do a short sale. I disclosed to them what happened at board of realtors meeting. They had not heard. Nancy Tucker said she wanted to prove not all realtors are bad.. Took us on and left us paper work to fill out. She was going to do a loan modification or short sale. We tried to get the lender to refinance but she was also friends with agents .. Carley Smith would never return our calls so my mom had to pay $700.00 on top of rent every month for 3 years..We were blacklisted by all realtors.. Nancy Tucker told us to stop making payments so we could get Wells fargo attention..Dec 1 2012.. She e-mail us stating not all lenders work with them and they can pick and choose who to work with and they do not choose us. Sorry and Good Luck..

They violated our  hippaa rights This is about real esate not about one's health. ..They talked about  illnesses .. They fabricated I had HIV..I was torn to bits by them.. My mother suffered and so did our reputation..She lost her savings..close to $900.000  as we could not qualify for a loan.We  Had to pay cash to buy two townhouses over out heads.Not in an area we would have picked. We cannot work as we bought and sold for a living.. The town had completely blacklisted us even from lawyers.So I am asking is there any lawyers out there , that think, if HUD says this is the worst they have ever seem in thier exsetince of HUD it is worthy.. Plus I have copies of everything encluding tapes.

If this wrong. ? If so why can't  HUD do what the say on my complaints? I just do not trsut them. If this was just simply bad people, but this is evivl and they pray on the elderly. I have even seen Tamara Burns  prey on other seniors. and if I am lying sue me for slander. Why they will not is they know this is the truth.
The worst case HUD DFEH has ever read about and they have all their own  copies and documents too.. I do not trust our government. Obama has read our complaint and sent it to Chuck Huaptman..I thought would refinance, as banks were willing to do a rescind , as they saw the unit had never been listed. Tamara Burns and Mark Burns own shares in Keller and Williams. They also slandered and helped the lawyer with HIV information and were part of the whole conspiracy to cover up for this town..
Bruce Blair also tired to sell my mother a home. As I stated he knew she  would not qualify for a laon , as we could not sell unit 213..But Bruce Blair in 2009 right after Kate Carson tried to sell my mother another unit 501 in same complex No loan.. no escrow she cashed my mom's check, after telling her she could not. So we have two title companies. First American and Fidelity Title who as of yet have never returned my mother $5.000 .. Board of realtors sent us results in 2010 stating due to fear of HIV we do not have to sell Rinski Rodenhuos condo.. Chuck Hautpman who President Obama said would help us ,gave condo back to bank to rent out.. by Fannie mae.. Only unit there with hardwood floors..  Also being that no one, has ever done such a horriable crimanl act in real esate in all it's history.. I also say.. the builder hired kate Carson to screen  people .This is 17.000 population.. 2.700 are real esate agents. You think my mom might be out gunned here?
This is the worst case that HUD said has ever been done by any brokers in all of history of HUD. This has never happened before.That's really bad. I will expose them as seniors move to this area need to be warned of Keller and Willimas, Century 21, Bruce Blair properties.UnEhtical.. this whole town needs to be exposed.. Just read
Thank you for reading this.. Wilhelmina Rodenhuis

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