Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dustin Thompson; The Story of Dustin Thompson and Connie Bedwell Placer County California. Dustin Thompson seems to have Custody of a Daughter he has Molested. Make a Stand for those you Know Folks. We ALL Must Protect Innocent Children of Sexual Abuse. It takes a Community, Silence is Betrayal. Expose Evil Where You Can, When You Can.

Dustin Thompson
 and Connie Bedwell Placer County California. 

Dustin Thompson seems to have Custody of a Daughter he has Molested.

"The DA has recently dropped the 6 charges including the unconstitutional charges violating Connie's freedom of speech for her speaking out to Save Aaliyah from the sexual and physical abuse from Dustin Thompson and the false battery charges from Dustin Thompson attacking her. Placer County has still not allowed Aaliyah to see her mother in over 3 years after she disclosed her father's molestation and physical abuse."

Source of Above Connie Bedwell Quote

Below is Videos from the Lawless America Documentary Exposing Evil, Exposing Corruption. This First one is NOT for those who cannot face that this happens, it is a video of Dustin Thompson and Connie Bedwell's daughter speaking of what Daddy Did.  Below is a playlist including Connie Bedwell Speaking to Lawless America.

The Daddys Worm Video is Sweeping the Internet. Let it Remind you to Get Involved, no matter which side of a Child Molestation or Accusation of Molestation you are on. It is time, that as a Society, we make a STAND. Time we say NOT on My Watch.  Sex with children, in any way, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. In the last two years of traveling I have met an enormous amount of women who have been molested as a children, and most were never believed. This is all age groups. Now is time to Make a Stand.

I, Crystal L. Cox, Say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  Not on MY WATCH.

"We encourage the public and all media outlets to help get Aaliyah out of the molesters house.

Please email the Presiding Placer CountyJudge and DA on behalf of Connie and Aaliyah.

Judge Alan Pineschi

District Attorney Charlotte Baillie

Please Sign and Share "Aaliyah's Law"  "

Source of The Story of Dustin Thompson and Connie Bedwell Placer County California.

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Also I want to Say, that I, Crystal L. Cox Investigative Blogger do believe men are, at times, accused falsely of Child Molestation. This is about CPS, Judges, and Officials doing their job with transparency, accountability and truth. It is about the facts to the best they can be obtained. As often it is easy to buy off a judge.  This Expose Child Molesters is not about ruining lives or defaming the innocent, it is about providing documentation in hopes of the Truth standing Tall and a Child being Protected. Keeping a daughter from her mother, especially in this case, if can at all be avoided is simply wrong as far as I see it.

I do not hate men, nor do I defend women who falsely accuse men of sick, illegal actions. I have had this in my family and I have seen it many time. I do stand with those men and I have defended them. However, in this case, it sure seems odd that its not joint custody, odd that this is not addressed further. And this mother's passion about this is relentless, she has a right to protect her daughter, plain and simple.

SO if you don't believe it then Find the TRUTH. Uncover It. Find the Truth in your Town. Protect Children, Protect Victims, make a Stand for the Truth. Dig in, be a Citizen Journalist and find the Truth.

This story is about making a stand to defend children in this situation, with facts. Regardless of who you know, who you pay or who in the case your related to.

Expose Evil Where You Can

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