The Billion $ Clear Channel Advantage

      You gotta hand it to them, Mitt Romney and gang. Buying 114 million listeners of your verbal, repetitive reinforce of babbling B.S.; gives you a real advantage over the competition. That's millions of influenced minds without one single campaign contribution.
       As a matter of fact, it is a 2 for 1. You combine that with the ability to be ruthless and make underhand deals and voila; fleecing the GOP nomination is a sinch. Plus, upon that success, the Democratic opposition is already behind. By the way that is millions of potential RWNJ who love Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Glenn Beck. You can (and did) start picking your cabinent members already. Feeling assured you will win. Why just the other day KDOC Channel 6 in Los Angeles had declared that Romney was a full 8 points ahead of Obama.

      How Bain Capital acquired Clear Channel is due to the same strategy, like LBO'ing, that has always worked before. Load up the entity with debt, take fees and fire some people. It was even reported in 2010, that, as usual, the debt was so burdensome (despite the layoff of 2400 people), that Clear Channel was considering bankruptcy (see Wikipedia source - here). But that would put a dent in the plan to have all those listeners locked in. So Clear Channel took on a new parter "equity" partner. Enter Robert Warren "Bob" Pittman. The media mogul who is considered to be the "only" entrepreneur in broadcasting.
     Thus far the strategy has worked. Clear Channel Communications has avoided bankruptcy and is still controlled by Bain Capital. An entity that desperately desires that its founder becomes the President of the United States. At least there's some luv and devotion to Mitt Romney from Bain Capital. (Makes you wonder - did he ever "really" give up ownership)?

Clear Channel is Clearly Biased Towards the Right

     Though you can't blame it all on Mitt Romney and / or Bain Capital (after all Mitt Romney no longer has influence over Bain Capital) and it is evident that Clear Channel had bias before Bain Capital took over. Be that as it may, things have only gotten worse since the acquisition.
      With the previous history under its belt, of censoring The Dixie Chicks. Where Clear Channele blatantly made the statement that their stations yanked them from the list of available bands to be broadcast. Clear Channel has also demonstrated a perpensity to be anti LGBT.  Wikipedia quotes the book "Toxic Talk" How the Radical Right has Poisoned America's Airwaves. Specifically;
Clear Channel-owned KTVX was the only local television station that refused to air the paid political message of Cindy Sheehan against the war in Iraq.[50]
While a smaller percentage of Clear Channel's AM talk/music stations have been in the progressive talk format (featuring the now-cancelled Air America Radio network) and they have also been a media sponsor of Frameline, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival,[51] most (nearly 90 percent) of Clear Channel's radio stations feature right wing content.[52]

Using Paid Actors as Callers
     The subtitle states it all. It is an actual quote from a Wikipedia subtitle. Clear Channel is frustrated that, even with 114 listeners, it is still unable to get the response to the propaganda it desires. Therefore, they actually engage in full time hiring of actors to call in and be scripted. As Wikipedia denotes;
Clear Channel, through its subsidiary, Premiere Radio Networks, auditions and hires actors to call in to talk radio shows and pose as listeners in order to provide shows, carried by Clear Channel and other broadcasters, with planned content in the form of stories and opinions. The custom caller service provided by Premiere Radio assures its clients they won't hear the same actor's voice for at least two months in order to appear authentic to listeners who might otherwise catch on.[53]
                                      You simply can't buy love!

Clear Channel Owns Outdoor Advertising Too
      Though Bain Capital did manage to expand Clear Channel to Satellite Radio, TV Stations and more than 1200 radio stations world wide. That had to be reduced to make sure Clear Channel stays a private company. (It seems the one thing that Mitt Romney & Bain Capital fear most - is compliance with SEC regulations).
     Among the many acquisitions by Bain Capital's Clear Channel, another key item is the Outdoor / Billboard realm. Keeping in line with its censorship mentality and history of bias towards the benefit of the extreme right wing; Clear Channel continues in its facist manner to destroy the free press. Even through its outdoor digital advertising realm. As is denoted in the Wikipedia article;
In June 2010 Clear Channel Outdoor rejected without comment two digital billboard images submitted by St. Pete Pride, an LGBT organization that sponsors gay pride events in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, leading the group to cancel its contract with Clear Channel.

Mitt Romney has a $2 Billion Dollar + Advantage over Obama

     Unfortunately, we have not seen much discussion on the issue that Bain Capital, Clear Channel and their various holdings give an edge to Mitt Romney in media influence. After all, Mitten's doesn't like to talk about his advantages; he just likes to utilize them.
     Thus far, the plan has worked. Mitt Romney bounced Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum right out of the delegate box. Also burying Ron Paul in the process. Owning a large portion of the broadcast media in America certainly does influence the outcome.
     However, it has had some failures. While no one has paid attention to the fact that Mitt Romney has never, himself said, that he left Bain Capital in 1999. The story was repeatedly put out there, over and over again, that he vacated the Bain Capital CEO position way back when. Even when the truth was found. Having enough media outlets and Rush Limbaugh wannabes (G-d forbid we should see more) - Mitten's has stayed the execution of his POTUS run  - by "retroactively" going away from it.

Don't Forget: Bain Capital Owns More Than Clear Channel
     Be that as it may, there's still another issue that gives another billion dollar edge to Mitt Romney over President Obama. Bain Capital owns billions of dollars in advertising revenue influence. Owning companies like FAO Schwartz, Burger King, Celtics, Stage Stores, Guitar Centers, Kay Bee, Sports Authority, Burlington Coat Factory and Toys R Us, among many other holdings. This permits an additional 2- fer. Not only can Bain Capital count on those ad dollars influencing bias upon their behalf. They can also count upon the fact that the entities wishing to receive those ad revenue dollars - will not put themselves in jeporady by openly being pro Obama.

Conclusion: Money Doesn't Buy Love - Just Infamous Bain & Empty Chairs

     Though main stream hasn't paid much attention to all this because - let's face it - Mitt Romney & Bain Capital control nearly 1/2 of all main stream. (Don't forget Bain Capital is also partners with NBC Universal in entities like The Weather Channel). Plus there's that already biased Faux News and Meet the Press etc.
      Compounding those issues are also the fact that repetitive, reinforced Bull [C]hit does tend to work. Many a friend has already disowned me for daring to help that foreign born muslim who is going to declare himself king and slaughter all the jews before he leaves in 2016. Making such worse is the fact that there are people out there in the various "Times's" "Post's" and "Tribune's" etc - who already are sworn pro GOP'rs.
     However, their massive media influence and the infamous Chair routine is about to bite the dust. Even with Mitt Romney surreptitiously bouncing up 100,000 more followers at a time. He only has 1 million total on Twitter. Barack Obama, our beloved President, had 17 million a few months ago. Now there are 19, 190, 000 Twitter followers of Barack Obama and growing.

Adoration - Money Can't Buy
     Come this week, during the Democratic National Convention, you will not see paid people holding signs asleep in the chair. There will be no need for an applause Minister to motivate the people when to clap. Nor shall there be any empty chairs. More than likely there will be thousands of people outside - begging to get in.
     This is because President Barack Obama has made a difference. He does care about the 99%. He has openly stated he will seek more regulations and efforts against Wall Street. Barack Obama does care about Women's rights, LGBT rights and bringing our troops home. He did give U.S. Elizabeth Warren and the CFPB. President Barack Obama has reduced taxes for the little business man, did fight the Pipeline and is openly sought to be hugged by the vast majority of Americans.  Despite the fact that the GOP declared open civil war to destroy Barack Obama's chances for re-election.
    Thanks to the secret that Barack Obama has; which Mitt Romney & Bain Capital's money can never buy. It is simple common sense. We know that you fear the upcoming debates and Barack Obama doesn't. He welcomes them. What you don't understand Mitten's, is that in order to be loved by others, you have to love others.
     As Mitt Romney and Bain Capital have demonstrated, over and over again, with their liking of firing people, out sourcing and off shoring. Mitt Romney & his Bain Capital properly utilized an empty chair - because they have an empty heart. You don't love "you people"; the U.S. backbone of America. Without your $30 Billion Clear Channel influence, you would have had another $40 million failure in Iowa (actually you didn't really win their either). We know Mitt Romney's narcissism will not permit him to watch the Democratic Convention this week. The passion that is pure, the adoration that is real and the desire to keep going with President Barack Obama. Because Mitt Romney is well aware and already knows;"

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