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Windels, Marx, Lane, Mittendorf Law Firm - David Swerdlow, Craig Gottilla. David Swerdlow and Craig Gottilla of Windels, Marx, Lane, Mittendorf

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Below is a Letter from Eleanor Capogrosso Esq.  regarding David Swerdlow and Craig Gottilla of Windels, Marx, Lane, Mittendorf.


I came across attorneys in  New Jersey, I was wondering  if anyone had knowledge about. The firm's name is Windels, Marx, Lane, Mittendorf.

The attorneys I dealt with were David Swerdlow and Craig Gottilla. I had a case in which they represented the defendant, State Farm Insurance Company in Federal Court in Newark, New Jersey. The case dealt with a non-payment claim of a flood in Jersey City HUD apartment complex.

An issue in the case was the failure of obtaining an building inspection by HUD. The building complex primarily had tenants from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was my strong belief that the C.I.A had placed surveillance into these buildings.

That was the reason why a building inspector could be found. Windels, Marx, Lane, Mittendorf was Bill Casey's, former director of the C.I.A, law firm.

They commuted hours to the court in Newark from Princeton, New Jersey on a very small insurance claim. Their attorney's fees far outweighed the cost of the claim. So I knew this interference on the case had to do with preventing a buiding inspection and the surveillance that would be uncovered.

 During the course of the litigation, these attorneys demonstrated such bad faith. When I tried to obtain the transcript of remarks they made at a settlement conference in front of Hon. Mark Falk, the language was missing from the transcript.

I brought this to the attention of the Chief Judge, Hon. Brown; the day I sent the fax to him notifying him of this, my motion in front Hon. Falk was denied. Hon. Brown sent me a letter indicating that the judge was allowed to alter a transcript when there is a pending motion and oral decision.

When I wrote back to the chief judge explaining that there was no pending motion but only a settlement conference, the Hon. Falk was removed from my case. I made telephone calls to report this to the office of Inspector General of the C.I.A., I tried to explain to them that the brakes in my car were tampered with, my tires were slashed,, I found a listening device in my car and I had received death threats.

They refused to listen to me, so I sent them an email. In response the C.I.A called the local police near my mother's home, which is 25 miles away in another county, telling her that the C.I.A called them because they received an email saying that she was going to kill someone, vandalize a car and kill herself. They also said the email was sent by my elderly mother, under her social security number.

Rather, it was sent by me in a different county 25 miles away. However, I certainly did not write those things in the email. The C.I.A could have traced the IP address clearly to me located in Manhattan, especially since they knew I called three times explaining the matter to them.

 There has been phone tapping wherein my and my family's medical treatment have been interfered with. A family member has been turned away from an emergency room in the process of a stroke. He was was told he did not need medical care. He was also turned away from same emergency room when he had a broken arm.

They are listening in on telephone conversations and know the doctor and hospital we am going to  and interfering with the treatment.

 If anyone knows any information concerning these lawyers or law firm I would appreciate it if you would forward it to me.

Eleanor Capogrosso Esq."

Email your David Swerdlow and Craig Gottilla of Windels, Marx, Lane, Mittendorf tips to - Whistleblower Media, Crystal L. Cox Investigative Blogger.

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