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Randy Wilson Interbel: Will Interbel and North Valley Hospital Be Liable for Millions in HIPAA Violations over the Mary Wilson Case? You Bet they Will. Randy Wilson, Prompt Care, North Valley Hospital, Flathead County, Lincoln County, Bernie Cassidy and more have a HUGE financial Liability over the Mary Wilson Case and odds are that Taxpayers and Interbel Users will Pay the Price.

Massive HIPAA Violations, Huge Liability, Lincoln County and Flathead County, as well as North Valley Hospital and Prompt in Eureka, Montana will soon face millions in Liability over what seems to be the ongoing lies of Randy Wilson and a Doctor in Eureka Montana. As well as Flathead and Lincoln County Judges and Bernie Cassidy, the Corrupt County Attorney of Lincoln County Montana.

Randy Wilson seems to have violated his ex-Wife's rights in Every Way. This story has been out there for years, still Randy Wilson CEO of Interbel continues to torture his disabled wife whom he cheated on for years, we all knew, it's a small town. Randy Wilson seems to flat out lie about disease in his family and refuse treatment to those in need, and all to torture his ex-wife who has a very real disease and is denied very real rights and dignity. As Montana Corruption backs up the lies of a wealthy Coop's CEO Randy Wilson.

"(HIPAA) violations - up to 1.5 million penalty every year (not corrected.)

Faced persecution (in state custody) for reporting misdiagnoses of my
own complications of chronic Lyme and co-infections - bacterial
encephalitis, degenerative heart disease, congestive heart failure,
and, medically-documented, "most likely 'transplacental'" with
unconstitutional MT governmental interference of, withholding of, and
taking of, Title II, III accommodations under (ADA) of 1973, 1990,
2008, Section (504), IDEA and FERPA Federal law.

Unconstitutionally denied rights of Spousal Financial Responsibility
before divorce, since victim of domestic violence (emotional, physical
and financial abuse, denied my rights of "choice" of my own health
care by Randy) then after seeking an DV/OOP, by the MT courts,
ironically and erroneously, while under care of "ethical" Montana
physicians and referred out of state Lyme/Assoc. Disease Specialists
and Univ. Medical Centers with medical findings of bacterial
encephalitis, optic neuritis, chest pain, sweats, arrythymias, atrial
fib., pericardial effusion, multi-valve damage,
regurgitation,congestive heart failure BP up to 200/100, pulmonary
hypertension, chronic respiratory distress, gastrointestinal, liver,
kidney, muscle and joint pain and right-side paralysis.

Further persecuted by Montana during unlawful-Discrimination human and
civil rights and personal and real property abuses in MT
unconstitutionally forced "indigent" and "homeless"  denied rights of
court-appointed Spousal Responsibility and Support for necessary
health care, transportation, telecommunications, a bed, pillow, or
fork to eat! (even after establishing my rights of residency in CA due
to ongoing abuse/discrimination/retaliation.)

W/ "knowingly-willful" Fraud, Deceit, Official Misconduct, Waste and
Abuse - before, during and since reported medical disability
(retroactive June 1, 2006) documented by (SSA) "due to complications
of chronic Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia, stress and depression."

Denied Miranda, rights of legal counsel, procedural and substantive
due process, w/ unlawful taking of life, liberty and property (w/
police power by the state) denied rights of Title II, III
accommodations under (ADA) w/ Retaliation, threats, humiliation,
intimidation and manipulation.

W/ retaliatory, punitive, involuntary medical detainment, denied my
requests to call an attorney, treating physicians, Specailists and
family in CA after I established CA residency (unconstitutionally and
unlawfully, detained in a court-appointed locked state mental hospital
illegally, at further thousands of dollars at my financial expense!) -
w/ involuntary dangerous, damaging (IM) psychotrophic drugging, denied
civil rights of "prescribed" infection, cardiac and pain medications
and treatment plans by my rights of "choice" of treating physicians,
referred Specialists and Univ. Medical Centers under (ADA) Federal

"None of her physical symptoms have been substantiated by any
physicians. The courts have found her Indigent.  She is unemployed.
She has been living in her car (rental car.)  She is unemployed.  She
has been living in her car.  She depends on family and friends for
support.  She reports this detention violates her civil rights and
that her elderly father is very ill in CA. She is dysfunctional and
disorganized. She is gravely disabled.  She requires solitary
isolation in maximum restricted locked facility The Montana State
Mental Hospital for up to (90) days, or longer as determined by the

"Found probable cause by (2) Flathead County prosecuting attorneys
Allison Howard and (?), "flagrant" nondisclosed conflict of interest
Judge Steward E. Stadler (daughter, RN Hospital Risk Management
Administrator) and Kathleen Curtis (none of which I ever have met in
my life) denied requests to contact a private attorney, further,
denied rights of any and all contact with a court-appointed public

"Found probable cause for solitary isolation in The Montana State
Mental Hospital for up to (90) days or longer, as determined by the
court - with "flagrant" nondisclosed conflict-of-interest by Judge
Steward E. Stadler (daughter, Flathead Valley RN/Health Care Risk
Management Administrator), Kathleen A. Curtis and (2) Flathead County
prosecuting attorneys Allison Howard and Lori Miller -
unconstitutionally, all, who I have never met.

W/ unlawful taking of:  life, liberty and property (w/ police power by
the state) without due process and just compensation by the state - in
violation(s) under the lst, 4th, 5th, 6th,8th, 9th, 11th and 14th
Amendments and (ADA) Federal law.

Rights to Claim Conspiracy:  1) to deny rights of spousal financial
responsibility, and rights of access to my assets, personal, and real
property to deny my rights of "choice" of US health care;

2) to deny
my rights to access the courts;

3) to deny me rights of competent and
effective disability rights legal counsel and accommodations;

4) to emotionally, psychologically, physically and financially "rape" "harm"
and "destroy" Mary so I could no longer fight to defend our human,
civil, constitutional, disability, health care, public transportation,
housing, public education rights under (ADA) 1973, 1990, 2008, Title
I, II, III,  Section 504, IEP, IDEA, FERPA Federal law;

5) to lock me up, to deny my rights of medical testimony and a jury trial;

6) to involuntarily lock, restrain and detain me in a state mental hospital
to drug me with damaging (IM) psychotrophic drugs for use of coerced
confession, self-incrimination and with violations of protections
against double jeopardy -  to declare Mary incompetent to stand trial
by reason of insanity, and, many many other Color of Law abuses With
no immunity by the state,  with rights of diversity of jurisdiction
under the 11th Amendment of the US Constitution and (ADA) Federal law.

Denied rights of access to assets, and property (my personal PC
purchased by my father) for rights of telecommunications and Internet
services under (ADA) federal law by Randy, CEO of public utility
telecommunications and Internet provider. Further, after borrowed
money w/ interest from my siblings to purchase other PC and
telecommunications, w/ telecommunications and Internet privacy hacking
- indications by Randy, and other."  ~ Mary Wilson

More Coming soon on just how Cruel and seemingly above the Law and the Constitution of the United States, that Randy Wilson is. Along with a Prompt Care Doctor, Judges, and Bernie Cassidy, Lincoln County Montana County Attorney who seems to threaten to put Mary Wilson in a Mental Institute for wanting to protect her children and stand up for her own rights and welfare. 

Also, again NOTE that there is information out there regarding Lyme Disease being sexually transmitted, so if you are having sexual relations with someone with this disease you might want to know what can happen. It is Serious. It is Real, no matter how many Lies that Randy Wilson tells, Mary Wilson is telling the Truth and Randy Wilson has denied her Spousal Rights, Quality of Life RIghts, Parental Rights, Dignity and Constitutional Rights. 

Read the Documents Folks, Dig Deep for the Truth on this one and for who has Protected the LIES of Randy Wilson of Interbel, Eureka Montana. 

Got a Tip Regarding Randy Wilson, CEO of Interbel? Email me Crystal Cox, Lincoln County Native, Investigative Blogger - 

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