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Tina Jacobson, chair of the 71-member Kootenai Republican County Central Committee. Tina Jacobson sues a commenter and attempt to squash Free Speech Rights for ALL.

Tina Jacobson, chair of the 71-member Kootenai Republican County Central Committee wants to sue a commenter on a newspaper website and xxx is trying to force the newspaper, the Idaho Spokesman-Review, to turn over the commenter’s information? Really?

What is Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee   thinking?  There is massive national coverage of this issue of anonymous commenting and Free Speech, suing was NOT the way to make this go away.

Surely Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee knows that she is a Public Figure being a "Republican Party Official".  Surely  Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee knows of Anti-Slapp Laws, and of the Constitutional Right to Free Speech.

Has Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee  heard of the "Streisand Effect"?  Well  Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee surely has now. For now the Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee alleged money in her blouse sage is GLOBAL.

So what is Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee so darn upset about being exposed?

Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee has damaged her own reputation by not simply letting a silly comment go. And trying to suppress the Free Speech rights of ALL.

Is a Kootenai Republican County Central Committee chair a Public Figure? Does Tina Jacobson  of the Kootenai Republican County Central Committee respect the constitution of the United States of America? Does Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee know about actual malice or any laws really that apply to the RIGHTS of this commenter?

If  Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee is not hiding money in her blouse, then why is  Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee so darn upset about this comment? I mean come on  Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee, it's funny, its political commentary, it's Free Speech.

Look at this jackass quote "“You can’t call someone a thief and expect to get away with it,” said C. Matthew Andersen, the aggrieved Republican chair’s counsel, according to the Spokesman-Review." Really? Ummm.. are you sure about that? What if they are a public figure and you are just speculating where the money is, I mean come on, the money being in her blouse does not mean she stole it. C. Matthew Andersen is probably going to use up a lot more then that $10,000 on this lame lawsuit wasting the courts time.

A Bit from the C. Matthew Andersen / Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee Defamation Article I am Quoting..

"Although the post didn’t have anything to do with the issue in particular, “Almostinnocentbystander” questioned whether $10,000 that was allegedly missing from the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee could be “stuffed inside Tina’s blouse,” as the Spokesman-Review recalled the statements.

The original blog and the comments have since been deleted, and the Spokesman-Review noted that it had banned the commenter, who sent an apology note: “I apologize for and retract my derogatory and unsubstantiated commentary regarding Tina Jacobson.”

But in order to actually press the claim, she needs the commenter’s identity, as well as those of two others who posted replies to the original comment, which Jacobson’s attorney argued were witnesses to the alleged defamation."


"As the newspaper’s attorney Duane Swinton countered, as quoted The Associated Press“We’re here for the rights of people to speak anonymously on the Internet…We’re here as an advocate for First Amendment rights.”
The judge’s ruling on whether or not to quash Jacobson’s subpoena against the newspaper is expected soon. But the case has taken on national significance as the latest test of the limits of anonymous speech in the electronic age.
“As far back as 1784, Thomas Jefferson wrote anonymous letters published in various newspapers,” wrote attorney Brian D. Spitz from Ohio, in an email to TPM. He continued:
“John Adams, Ben Franklin, both repeatedly had anonymous letters published in newspapers. Anonymous publications have always been a strong foundation for the open exchange of ideas in the United States. I think that publications that want more interaction with their end-users will continue to allow anonymity. But, that anonymity is not a license to post unlawful comments without any possible legal consequence. Back then, if our founders’ identities were revealed, they would have been hung. Now, posters are only sued.

Spitz has more experience than most when it comes to navigating the uncharted legal waters of anonymous online commentary. He represented Shirley Strickland Saffold, an Ohio judge who sued The Cleveland Plain Dealer for $50 million back in April 2010 after an editor with the paper disclosed that an email address she used was attached to an online pseudonym that made comments questioning the mental health of a relative of a newspaper reporter, as well as opined on Saffold’s own case."

Source of Tina Jacobson, Kootenai Republican County Central Committee Post Quotes and full article regarding Tina Jacobson Butthurt and Suing an anonymous commenter.

We have a constitutional right to question the actions of folks such as Tina Jacobson of the Kootenai Republican County Central Committee.

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