Sunday, June 17, 2012

Montana bases who gets convicted of crimes on who has the most money and / or political power. Time for this to STOP.

"At the Law and Justice Committee it was stated that the Sex Offender criminals and registry is increasing by 700 per year.  Now Montana only has 1 million people in the whole state.  Break that down of the population of men, not counting women or children.  

At the rate that they are arresting on absurd crimes and lengthy sentences profiting from DOC and the Probation Offices is it little wonder that they keep asking for more money?  

Maybe, just maybe if all those in position quit taking the kickbacks and profit and made convictions based on real crimes that are unsafe to the public and re-formed the sentencing guidelines to fit the sentences we would not have to spend so much money.  I cannot believe that a state that is known for it’s rugged, manly cowboys would all eventually at this rate end up as sex offenders.  They are projecting a future budget that would make it seem that way.  

Parents if your teen has sex with their girlfriend or boyfriend do you want them labeled a sex offender?  Is this how we are going to control teen hormones?  It’s still not working.  This has been going on since Adam and Eve.  There is not going to be any men/cowboys to marry at this rate.

No one wants to marry a sex offender, no matter if it was mandated for indecent exposure(going to the bathroom outside..such as hunting.)  The label freaks everyone out before they even find out what the charge or label was for.   Ladies you are going to have to look outside the state of Montana for any good guys.  From your officials it sounds like as many that are labeled now and in the DOC System and the projections that they are giving for the future…(how do they know?) there is not going to be one fella that you can trust! "


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