Thursday, May 31, 2012

Joseph Stilwell "Hedge Fund Manager Joseph Stilwell heads to court to silence bloggers" Is this True? I mean Come on His Buddy Kevin Padrick got a worthless $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement and still did not Silence the Blogger Exposing his VERY Bad and Allegedly Illegal, Corrupt, Unethcial Behavior.

Joseph Stilwell, the Man that seems to have taught Kevin Padrick Everything he knows, seems to have sued a blogger to silence them. Hmmm.. 

Joe Stilwell sounds like he did not learn from the Obsidian Finance Group Vs. Crystal L. Cox Case, other wise known as the "Streisand Effect", no one cared about what that blogger said, until you sued them, now Enquiring minds want to know all about Joseph Stillwell and all that Joseph Stilwell is up to. 

""Moving right along something that most people would consider bizarre happened on one of my old posts about Canadian Insurer Kingsway Financial Services, specifically that Hedge Fund manager Joe Stilwell belongs to a cult led by actress Sharon Gans, whose current occupation Wikipedia indeed lists as Cult Leader.

Normally I’d be intrigued but not much interested in such a sideshow to one of my posts but it appears Stilwell went to court recently to have information about himself removed from
 a blog about the Gans cult.

Frankly I have some heartburn about some of the information presented because it is not independently sourced, but then again these people claim to be survivor/escapees from the Gans cult who are far from your average proverbial anonymous bloggers so you have to take what they are saying with a bit more than a grain of salt.

For those so interested in reading what Stilwell went to court to have removed, click
 here. Stilwell specializes in extracting new age greenmail from smallish undervalued community banks besides investing heavily in insurers that run scams.""

Source of Post

Joseph Stilwell,  Daniel S. Szalkiewicz, Esq. of Faga Savion, LLP in White Plains, Joe Stilwell - Joseph Stilwell seems to be above the Law, and "SEEMS" to not respect the First Amendment - Joseph Stilwell.

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