Monday, April 2, 2012

Judge Marco Hernandez, Portland Federal Judge Accuses Defendant of a Crime in an Opinion, Decision Denying a New Trial over a Civil Matter.

A few resource links on Judges Refusing to Sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure which is a Felony. Regarding Judge Recusal, Judicial Disqualification and a Federal Jude Refusing to Disclose Conflicts of Interest to all parties of a lawsuit, Especially if asked, DEMANDED to Do So.

It is Illegal for Judge Marco Hernandez to have Denied Me, Pro Se Defendant Blogger Crystal Cox the admission or denial of a Conflict of Interest when Court Documents show for an Entire Year that I asked countless times, Demanded that Judge Hernandez of the Portland Oregon District Court Sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure, which he has to this day refused. Meanwhile Judge Hernandez is conspiring to accuse me of Criminal Behavior, in a "Decision", the Motion to deny Crystal Cox a New Trial, Judge Hernandez accuses me of extortion without the facts of the Email in question, without the trial being about this email and thereby denying my right to due process. I will be filing a Judicial Complaint, a Criminal Complaint, an FBI Complaint, Bar Complaints, and a complaint with the Oregon Judicial Disqualification Committee.

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